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You have GOT to be joking: Making the sacred as ugly as sin!

From a reader. I’ve visited Dresden in Germany yesterday and my first steps led to the Catholic cathedral. To my greatest horror and shock, I’ve discovered this monstrous “thing” in the side chapel. I have asked the lady working in … Read More

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“Antinomianism in high places” – Canonist Ed Peters on divorce, remarriage, Communion

From Prof. Ed Peters, canonist, and his blog In The Light Of The Law – which has not an open combox. Antinomianism in high places is still antinomianism We live in pervasively antinomian times, and basic unawareness of law is all around … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Am I being selfish for not reading at Mass?

From a reader: I am newly back to the Church (just over a year) and attend daily mass frequently (NO). [Great!] I have been approached twice now asking to either regularly do the readings or help out as a Eucharistic … Read More

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Some reading options… including a Chinese invasion of Seattle!

Not all my reading is spiritual these days. As I mentioned I am rereading Benedict XVI’s third volume of Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives.  A good Advent read. Also, on my Kindle right now, is John Allen’s, The Global War on Christians: … Read More

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