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VIDEO Islamists Attack Towering Christ Statue in Syria, Bomb Monastery

I saw this at Gateway Pundit: In October Christians erected a towering Christ statue at the Cherubim Monastery in the community of Saidnaya, Syria. The statue is taller than the Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue can be seen from … Read More

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Must read: Camille Paglia on feminist disrespect for men

I have enjoyed reading Camille Paglia for a long time.  I fervently oppose many of her positions, of course.  BUT… she is tough and honest and clear and, oh boy, can she write. Reading her scary-good prose is an unsettling … Read More

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NEW Z-SWAG: “I am a Self-Absorbed Promethean Neopelagian and proud of it.”

Are you a self-absorbed promethean neopelagian?* I have just the thing for you! I added a new section to my Z-Swag store at Cafepress. There are bumper-stickers, car-magnets, coffee mugs, buttons and few other items. Here is a view of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Ember Day coincides with feast day

From a reader: On consulting my Ordo [for the Extraordinary Form] this coming Saturday is the feast of St. Thomas. This supersedes the Ember Day which should be commemorated at the Mass of the day. Should we still observe the Ember Day … Read More

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