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Proper “clericalism” defined and defended

It is time to fight back. Over at The Liturgy Guy there is a good post about clericalism. First, let me say that there is a good clericalism and a bad. The worst clericalism that we see is of pandemic … Read More

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Hell’s Bible and a Secular Apotheosis: another lesson in our “culture war”

At Hell’s Bible today (aka NYT) we have a good example of how twisted things are now. There is a front page article about the death of a pornographer, Al Goldstein, with a photo, and a shot of his pornographic … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Father had an iPad in the confessional!

From a reader: My daughter came home from confession last night and said Fr. M was using his Ipad during her confession. She was behind the wall/grate but you can easily see through it. She also heard him whispering while … Read More

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Comments on the Duck Dynasty controversy

Regarding the Duck Dynasty controversy. First, I have never seen the show.  Not even a few minutes of a show. Second, A&E is a private network.  They can fire whom it pleases them to fire.  If Fox can let go … Read More

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