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Your Christmas Sermon Notes (Fr. Z’s included)

Was there a good point or two that you heard in the sermon for your Christmas Mass?  Let us know! Here is one Christmas sermon that I heard… well… heard and also personally delivered. Merry Christmas!

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A Merry and Grace-filled Christmas to all!

I hope you all have a wonderful celebration of Christmas, replete with many graces and blessings for you and yours.


PODCAzT 138: Christmas Poetry Experiment

Today I decided to experiment by recording voice memos with my phone, then sending them to my computer at home, then accessing that computer remotely with the same phone to assemble a podcast. Let’s see how it turned out! Please … Read More

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US ARMY “equal opportunity officer”: You can’t say “Christmas”

From Human Events: […] Maybe it was about time to get the Army involved in the War On Christmas – a long march through every corner of American life by the anti-religious, collectivist Left, designed to scour this prime patch … Read More

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Twitter blocks support of Phil. Cracker Barrel removes Duck stuff. Ooops! (Mistake!)

Censorship is bad, right? It’s bad unless it is used on people who uphold heterosexuality. Here’s a story about what Twitter did. ‘Duck Dynasty’: Twitter Blocks ‘iStandWithPhil.com‘ Content UPDATED: Twitter has restored access to the link, stating that the website … Read More

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Card. Meisner cites Pope Francis: No Communion for divorced, remarried

A reader sent the following.  Cardinal Meisner of Cologne gave an interview to Deutschlandrundfunk. You might be interested in this interview with Cardinal Meisner: In his third answer, he says the following (it’s my translation in English, probably very bad): “At … Read More

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