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Michael Coren on Popes who condemn “unfettered” capitalism

Michael Coren, the author of the recent title The Future of Catholicism, has a comment about a Pope who condemned “unfettered” capitalism. Keep in mind that “unfettered” capitalism is nowhere to be found. With that…  from Coren on Mercatornet: I … Read More

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A prayer for vocations

In light of my post about the 20 year high in vocations to the priesthood in these USA, I received this: Thank you for your Blog. I saw the article you posted on the increase of Priestly Vocations. Thanks be … Read More

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Of GI bones and Combat Rosaries and a 90 year burial delayed

This is a great email.  For your Just Too Cool file! RE: the Combat Rosaries, I received mine (ordered several for family members) today and, holding them, recalled how blessed I was in July 2010 to attend the Catholic burial … Read More

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A friend sent this. A funny way to make a good point. I try not to use businesses which post these signs and I hope you don’t either. On that note, after Mass on Sunday a couple guys from the … Read More

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US 20 year high for vocations to priesthood

There is a video interview on Wall Street Journal about a new book which explains that vocations to the priesthood are at a 20 year high. The interviewer is surprised!  She wanted to know if the Church be being more … Read More

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Pope Francis v. world hunger

The Pope pitched in for a campaign against world hunger with a video message. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvC-k1ai71Q&feature=player_embedded His Holiness is using social media. QUAERITUR: Is the problem of world hunger Western greed and indifference or the rampant corruption in places where people … Read More

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Bp. Tobin on Nelson Mandela’s “shameful promotion of abortion”

This is from NBC10 in Providence: Tobin: Mandela’s support for abortion ‘shameful’ PROVIDENCE – The Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence weighed in on Nelson Mandela’s death by calling his support for abortion “shameful.” Bishop Thomas Tobin, in a statement posted Sunday … Read More

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