UPDATE 11 Aug pm: 

Okay… it looks as if Amazon found more copies of Turning Toward The Lord.  Now they only cost $96 each!  Thus I am removing it from the list.  We shall have what we have and make do.  You are the best!

I gave out the copies of Ratzinger’s Faith to the guys tonight.  They were pretty chuffed.  “Christmas!”


UPDATE: 11 Aug:




However… I think we bought all the copies available…

These latter are starting to arrive.  Within a day or so, I expect more deliveries.


UPDATE: 8 Aug afternoon

One more to go!  Let’s get it done!  12 MORE!


No sooner did I post this but BAMMO!  You hit the target.  THANK YOU!  I am always impressed by readers here when I post ACTION ITEMS.

In my gratitude, and because it looks as if more of you want to do something for these guys, I have added a couple more options.   After these are fulfilled, I won’t add others.   Work quickly, however!  We want the guys to get these books before they have to leave for their seminaries.

______ ORIGINAL POST ______

I have a great favor to ask.  You can help seminarians.

Today I gave a talk to all the seminarians of the Diocese of Madison about the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  Then we had a panel discussion along with Bishop Morlino (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary) and another well-prepared priest.

I mentioned Joseph Ratzinger’s book Spirit of the Liturgy as an important resource.

I asked a hand count of the men who do NOT have that book.

10 seminarians did not have it.

Here is what I would like you to do.

I am going to put on my amazon wishlist (HERE) a “wish” request for 11 copies of Spirit of the Liturgy (1 more in case a fellow who couldn’t make it doesn’t have it).  I am asking YOU, dear readers, to buy these books for these seminarians.


Do it now!  All the seminarians are here until 15 August.  I want to get the books to them before that date.

Make sure that, in sending this gift (which is what you are doing) to add a comment in the box provided.  Add a comment of encouragement to the seminarian.  Ask for prayers.  Perhaps that man will keep the note tucked into the book and, in years to come, remember your kindness and pray for you.  I will suggest that to these, God willing, future priests.

Play a part in their formation.

So… the link to my wishlist is


Make sure you send the books to me, not to yourself.  If you want a copy for yourself, click HERE (UK HERE).


Some of you have already dug in!


Here is a bonus.

Bp. Morlino NOW celebrating Mass with his seminarians.


UPDATE:  I am compelled to add this.  He just finished is fervorino, which was also a formation talk for the guys.  I won’t add what he said, for this was not for you.  But, I can add …. WOW.  This guy’s got game.  These are blessed seminarians, I’ll tell you.


Since the quota of the Ratzinger book is complete.  I am posting a couple others.  First, Reid’s reworking of Fortescue/O’Connell, for just the deacons and one of the priests who is involved with formation.  This book is more expensive, but it is a great tool.  Perhaps a few of you can do this one.

And and great book….

So… the link to my wishlist is


So…. let’s do it.



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  1. MichaelTMS says:

    One book on the way father.

  2. poohbear says:

    One sent.

  3. acardnal says:

    I bought one for your seminarians. I then went to double check your Wish List and the item has disappeared! Did someone buy the remaining balance?

  4. Facta Non Verba says:

    I don’t see it on the Wish List. Have they all been purchased already?

  5. Baylor_convert says:

    All have been purchased I think. Is there any other way we can help these fine men, Fr. Z?

  6. Ivan says:

    It would be nice if you could always have a small wishlist for the seminarians, Father! I hope I will soon get a hang of all this online bank card usage, so I might (when my student possibilities allow so) be able to help them a bit (IF you will have such a wishlist).

  7. momoften says:

    Thinking I will buy a few for some of our seminarians! Thanks for the suggestion……

  8. I have added a few more copies, just in case.


  9. Mike says:

    I worked with one of his seminarians: the guy’s brilliant. May Our Lady watch over each and every one, and the good Bishop!

  10. Kensington says:

    I don’t see it on the list, so I assume the desired copies have already been purchased. Is that correct?

  11. EVERYONE: Great job! Amazing.

    If there are others out there who want to do something for these guys, I’ll put another book or two up on the wish list. This will have greater numbers, because they are not likely to have it.

  12. Allan S. says:

    I just bought one too for you Father…oops! Looks like you may get too many – although Amazon didn’t stop the order or anything :)

    Glad to help!

    [If I have it, I will pass it along to someone who does not and will use it. Redistribution of wealth which we can all live with!]

  13. Mike says:

    I think one’s going to you too. Rowland’s book. May it find a reader who is a seminarian!

  14. Thomas S says:

    Man! Come visit my seminary, Father!

  15. acardnal says:

    Father Z, would you consider adding something by Fr. Alcuin Reid, O.S.B. or Fr. Uwe Lang for the seminarians education? I would be pleased to purchase some.

  16. acardnal: My quick scan of books showed that some things which I thought useful were either spendy or didn’t seem to have enough available copies. I would hope that all of the men could get the books, instead of just a few. Let’s see how quickly people work through the present choices.

    BUT… you chose well! A book by my friend Fr. Lang would be good.

  17. cellarsm says:

    If there are any left over this seminarian, and I am sure a few more on here…. would love any good reading materials. Thanks for your prayers!

  18. Elizabeth D says:

    If anyone wants to buy copies of the Prove It! Catholic Teen Bible NABRE for my 6th gr catechism students… I’m just saying… yes I am being very bold… forgive me Fr Z… last year none of the students had a Bible at home and I was told we cannot expect parents to buy them for the kids. We study the Bible in 6th gr so they need it to be introduced to the actual Bible and not only through their textbook.


  19. SophiaGrace says:

    So happy to help!

  20. Allan S. says:

    This was something I could really get behind! Father, please do this again when a need arises! Imagine how angry these seminarians make satan….

  21. MouseTemplar says:

    Wait. I get to buy a book. About Papa Benedict. And send it to a seminarian.

    Yes! Sent!

    Do they need socks? ;)

    [Good one. Future officers of the Church Militant.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  22. Norah says:

    I heartily recommend Amy Welborn’s “Prove It” series for Gr 6 students and even for Year 7 and 8 High School students.

  23. Urget_nos says:

    Hello Fr Z, can I also highly recommend two other superb references for the Extraordinary Form:
    ‘The Roman Catholic Ceremonial’ by Jeffery Collins (2011), and
    ‘The Celebration of Mass’ (A Study of the Rubrics of the Roman Missal) by J.B. O’Connell (1964)
    For orienting our parish to the things related to the Extraordinary Form, we find that these two books are of even more helpful than Reid’s reworking of Fortescue/O’Connell that you have linked to.

  24. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Okay, one Theology of Ratzinger on the way! What a way to cap the week! Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. mlmc says:

    Tried to send some of the 1st book yesterday, but your other readers are too fast (dang work, it is hard to keep up on the web with work intruding). I am glad you added more options- some books are on the way. Fr Z-in case you don’t get other orders soon what is the drop dead date? I could be persuaded to send more.

  26. kimberley jean says:

    Did anyone ever update the Social Manual for Seminarians?

  27. Pitched in with a few ducats from my reserves to hopefully embolden a seminarian to drink deeply from the Ratzingerian well. One can never have too many of Papa Benedict’s opera on their shelf, especially these young men.

  28. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    cellarsm has a point: there are other seminarians out there who could use some good books. Could Fr. Z host a list of wishlists? It could be like one of these comment pages, with a link always posted in the main sidebar. Worthy seminarians registered on this blog could set up their wishlists at Amazon and then post their links as comments. Other readers could go to the wishlists and do what they can.

  29. Ben Yanke says:

    Thank you, good people, for getting these books into the hands of those who will be my future pastors. As Fr says, these are some amazing men, under our amazing bishop. God bless them all.

    Thank you all.

  30. gjp says:

    I recently purchased Ratzinger’s Collected Works: Theology of the Liturgy and found that it contains the entire “Spirit of the Liturgy” within.

    For a little bit more money, seminarians could be sent “Theology of the Liturgy” instead and get “Spirit of the Liturgy” along with other Pope Benedict writings on the liturgy, or, those of us who own both could send our old copies of “Spirit of the Liturgy” to a seminarian. All we would need is an address to send our used copies to.

    [The train has already left, but thanks for the suggestion!]

  31. mlmc says:

    FrZ- will send 2 more books if I can figure out how to ship them to you. If you order from an amazon affiliate the item is placed in my basket not yours.

  32. acardnal says:

    Another good one on liturgy by Cardinal Ratzinger, “Feast of Faith.”

  33. acardnal says:

    gjp, did it have any blank pages or missing pages or pages out of order? The first printing had problems.

  34. Elizabeth D says:

    Thank you very much to the 3 people who bought Bibles for my catechism students so far (see upthread). I don’t know how it got here so lightening fast, but one of them ALREADY arrived, from S. G. C. Thank you and God bless you abundantly! And thank you to Fr Z (also, of course, for educating the seminarians of my diocese in liturgy). Looks like there are just a few more copies of the books for seminarians needed.

  35. majuscule says:

    Just a thought…

    If you buy multiple copies, the total might kick your order into the “free shipping” range!

  36. Hello Fr. Z. Will your link work for me, if I am in Canada? Otherwise how does a Canadian do what you are asking with Amazon? Not to mention will I have to go through Amazon.CA vs. Amazon.com? Just want to know the details, before I might try something in a couple of weeks with my next paycheck.

  37. Amazon in Canada… I forgot that I have a search box for that as well. I sure prefer in North America to have everyone use the regular US amazon, however.

    BUT…. for Canada ONLY…. try this.

  38. mlmc says:

    FrZ- I have gotten around the shopping cart issue & have sent one set of books times the number of sons I have. But I noticed there are few copies left-would kindle versions work for any of the seminarians? The kindle version is readily available & shipping time will not be a problem.

  39. Supertradmum says:

    Wondering, would it be OK, Fr Z., if you added another seminarian to your list? One in England?

  40. Will D. says:

    Okay… it looks as if Amazon found more copies of Turning Toward The Lord. Now they only cost $96 each!

    I see three copies between $29 and $35, and six at over $300. What you’re seeing on the highly priced books are bots (or scripts) for the various third-party sellers bidding against each other now that Amazon is not a direct seller. By clearing out most of the available copies of a low-demand book, we have created a seller’s market.

    The Kindle version remains $10. It is also available for $12 or so on the Ignatius Press site.

  41. Hello Father.

    Thanks for the Canada search function. However, when I put an item into my cart, it doesn’t display your address to send it to, just mine. So what way is there to send a Fortescue book to you when it is not on your wish list?

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