VIDEO Rescue mission to Mount Sinjar

From CNN:

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  1. Chon says:

    I am glad for this effort. But why do we hear only about the Yazidis, and never the Christians, on the lamestream media? Let’s also have dramatic news stories raising help for the Christians from Mosul! Their attractive women and young girls are being taken for sex slaves.

  2. catholiccomelately says:

    Why the Yazidi’ s and not the Christians? IMO … because in the narrative of the main stream media, Christians are the bad guys.

  3. Liz says:

    God have mercy!

  4. Jason Keener says:

    Unfortunately, the West has a real dilemma on its hands. I can’t possibly fathom how we are ever going to bring the problem of radical Islam under control without the will to completely destroy the enemy, submit them to our will, and acquire their territory in the process. Of course, that is a repulsive, daunting, and nearly impossible project I don’t think anyone has the stomach for. What, pray tell, are our other choices? Radical Islam cannot be defeated through nation-building measures as was proved in Afghanistan. In fact, such projects embolden terrorists and add fuel to the fire. The Muslim world is not interested in reforming itself. Also, how can you defeat an enemy that is so widespread and is willing to use to such barbaric tactics? We, dear friends, are in for some very challenging times, I’m afraid.

  5. JARay says:

    The Crusades were a really good idea!

  6. JonPatrick says:

    People in the West do not realize that everything they value comes from their Christian heritage. Instead they see things in relativistic terms which keeps them from understanding that Islam is different and cannot be dealt with in the same ways that might work when dealing with another Western culture. I do not hold out much hope that this will change until it is too late.

  7. John Fannon says:

    The plight of the Yazidis is indeed horrendous but the plight of the Christians is as as bad, if not more so. So why do the BBC and MSM concentrate on the Yazidis and hardly mention the Christian calvary? It is as if they cannot utter the dreaded ‘C’ word C-hristian. The most they can talk about is the persecution of minority religions.

    The Yazidis follow an ancient, exotic religion, are inward looking, keep themselves to themselves and are not a moral threat to the likes of the liberals of the BBC and Western Politicians. Therefore the Yazidis are the perfect fashionable cause for the libs of Islington and Notting Hill to emote about – on a par with pandas, the whales, greenhouse gases etc

    There is an blog post in the UK Conservative Home where Luke de Pulford accuses the UK Forseign Office of cowardice in the face of the slaughter of Christians

    I can relate to what de Pulford is saying as I myself have written a number of letters to the Foreign secretary over the past two years about the persecution of Christians in Pakistan and received assurances that the FO were ‘working behind the scenes’ (whatever that means, probably having pleasant lunches with Saudi diplmats, Wahabists to a man). Perhaps the FO are calculating that if all the Christians are slaughtered the problem will go away

    Still if the West’s conscience is now moved to protect the Yazidis, then hopefully the Christians will benefit

  8. Kerry says:

    Jason, that one cannot see what needs to be or must be done, does not mean neither exist. What is lacking is political will from the top, and moral courage instead of moral cowardice. (Did you know that Charles Lindberg was preaching the futility of defeating the Nazis before Pearl Harbor? He had seen the Luftwaffe.) This video gives a very clear view of what is happening in Iraq.
    Note Rep. Bridenstine’s use of the phrase, “Moral courage”. And there are plenty of men with the stomach for the fight. The ‘leadership’ at the top, (the head of the fish), are trapped by their own false beliefs, that resistance only emboldens terrorists, all violence is wrong, and we can talk with the aliens from the movie Independence Day. (It might have been Eliz. Warren, jockeying to replace Obama the Destroyer, First of that name, who said, “They can’t find jobs”. I can see the cartoon, “I just hate all this mass murder, but what else can I do? Murdering children is the only job I could find”.)

  9. Kerry says:

    Found some quotes from Fauxcahontas, aka, Liz Warren, from the Boston Herald, courtesy of Neo-neocon at Legal Insurrection.
    “It’s a complicated situation right now in Iraq and the president has taken very targeted actions to provide humanitarian relief that the Iraqi government requested, and to protect American citizens,” Warren told reporters. “But like the president I believe that any solution in Iraq is going to be a negotiated solution, not a military solution. We do not want to be pulled into another war in Iraq.”…

    “The point is there has to be a negotiated solution in Iraq, but we don’t negotiate with terrorists,” Warren said. She said, “This is partially a question of whether the U.S. government negotiates or whether we have the Iraqi government doing these negotiations, and how we help support them as they try to maintain an integrated country, and a country that better represents all of the people who live there.”
    Neo asks “But Warren’s words seem positively nonsensical. Perhaps the most curious thing about the quote is that she says there has to be a negotiated settlement in Iraq, whether it’s the US or the Iraqi government participating in the negotiations. But why this must be the case is left unexplained”. Eliz. may be that person who cannot tell stones from bread, or serpents from fish.

  10. Sonshine135 says:

    @Jon Patrick
    “Instead they see things in relativistic terms which keeps them from understanding that Islam is different and cannot be dealt with in the same ways that might work when dealing with another Western culture.”

    Astute observation sir. I believe the myopic views of the west are worse than what you state . The anti-theist mentality is to blame this on all religion as if religion were the cause of all war. This includes Christianity. Their biggest fault is their failure to understand that a society must have an objective morality. Subjective morality is the main fracture of unity and is a tool of the devil. In fact, subjective morality derives from pride. I am more than ever convinced that pride is the devil’s only tool. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only one he needs.

  11. KateD says:

    How a just nation responds to aggression against innocent populations should correlate with how one would expect an individual to respond to aggression against any innocent person. To walk away is not a demonstration of peace, but of cowardice.

  12. VexillaRegis says:

    JonPatrick: “People in the West do not realize that everything they value comes from their Christian heritage.” Exactly this!

  13. kford says:

    “I am more than ever convinced that pride is the devil’s only tool. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only one he needs.” Sonshine135, this may be the most profound statement, succinctly put, that I have heard in a very long time.

  14. catholiccomelately says:

    Folks have argued for years that the only legitimate response to violence is non-violence, and they cite Ghandi and Rev. King’ s movements as examples. What they don’t take into account is that the British and the Americans were nations with a Christian heritage. Shaming them for their hateful actions worked because they were moral ….. I doubt that non-violent protest will work against the radical Islamists (nor negotiation.)

  15. KM Edwards says:

    I have written to CBC here in Canada about the consistent neglect to mention Catholics. Their articles entirely leave the impression that only Yazidis are suffering genocide and mass extinction.

    They have not responded.

    Whereas they allow all kinds of ridiculous posts (eg one fellow was advocating the execution of all ISIS men, women and children), whenever I have posted modestly and reasonably calling out that Catholics are suffering the equivalent to the Yazidis, I am being informed that my posts are being blocked and are not permitted.

    I have carefully taken out hot button words like “genocide”, “holocaust” – wondering if these words trigger some automatic filtering – but this is not the case.

    I am therefore left to presume only that there is a concerted Western media effort to present the crisis as being strictly a genocide of Yazidis. In short, Catholics do not count (most wunderfulest ever Pope notwithstanding).

    We need to call our politicians today and demand air lift services for these Chaldean Catholic brethren to some UN refugee camps that need to be set up in Kurdistan. They are dying out in the open fields, parks and countryside and witnessing dogs eating the human remains they leave behind.

    I am trying to contact my Cardinal to set up a specific Catholic charity for our Chaldean brethren so we have an account to deposit funds to immediately. Any other suggestions please? I feel helpless.

  16. Priam1184 says:

    The Yazidis emerged out of the weird religious melange that was Mesopotamia before the Islamic conquest. The Tigris valley north of modern day Baghdad was the no man’s land between the Catholic Roman Empire and the Zoroastrian Persians and a lot of strange belief systems flourished in that space. How they have survived this long I do not know, especially since I am pretty sure that Islam does not see them as a ‘people of the book’ and they wouldn’t even be entitled to the (very limited) protections that a Christian would have. I seem to remember that back during the other Iraq war al-Qaeda set off a massive truck bomb in a Yazidi village that killed something like 400 people.

    These guys won’t stop until they set the whole Middle East ablaze and burn down the entire regional order. I don’t know that a few air strikes will stop them, but it is doubtful that anybody is going to order a massive ground invasion of Iraq anytime soon either.

  17. Rachel K says:

    Excellent video report- the reporter himself is a hero for bringing this footage and news to us. S o very distressing to see the extreme suffering of our brothers and sisters, I do not care whether they are Yazidis or whoever. Perhaps it ‘s time to recall that in the past Islam was defeated by the Rosary through intercession of Our Lady. Lepanto anyone? Perhaps it is time to make use of this powerful weapon again. The tide was only turned against the Mohammedans when many people prayed the Rosary as instructed by the Pope.

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