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The knockout game, situational awareness, and you

This story is going around.  That “knockout game” thing is still going on. I was going to put the video on, but, no… that’s what these barbarians want, isn’t it? In New York City, a creepy selfish loser sucker-punches a … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z offers kudos to and agreement with…. PHYLLIS ZAGANO!

I find myself in complete agreement with Phyllis Zagano. [Those sounds you are hearing are jaws hitting desks, mugs of Mystic Monk coffee dropping to the floor with a crash and splash, astonished readers sliding off chairs in a swoon.] … Read More

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Sts. Hippolytus, Pontian, Cassian, martyrs (Includes a grisly murder… by children.)

I once wrote something extensive on Pontius and Hippolytus (and Cassian) which I will reproduce here for your convenience (edited): Today is the commemoration of Sts. Hippolytus and Cassianus (or Cassian), martyrs (13 August). “But, Father! Wait!”, you are sure to … Read More

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Benedict XVI on military force to restore conditions of peace

One of the most useful document of Pope Benedict’s pontificate is his 2006 Message for the World Day of Peace.  He had been elected in April 2005 and this Message was therefore one of the first things he did.  The … Read More

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FOLLOW UP: America Magazine interview

As you know I did an interview with Jesuit-run, liberal Amerika Magazine.  The combox over there has been… interesting. I sincerely believed that doing the interview would be an “olive branch” moment. Today, I noticed that Amerika has an interview … Read More

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