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GUEST POST: “Ten Commandments of Reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament”

An old friend of mine, Msgr. Charles Mangan noticed my answer about safeguarding the Blessed Sacrament and sent me this to share with you. “Ten Commandments of Reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament” Monsignor Charles M. Mangan 1. Attend Holy … Read More

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“The priest has his back to the people!” (Not.) VIDEO

From Joseph Shaw of the Latin Mass Society in England.

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Muslims are crucifying Christians who refuse to convert to the Religion of Peace

From the Quran: “The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet from opposite ends or be banished from … Read More

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Of the residences of bishops

CNN has posted what an only be called a cheap shot at American bishops. This is yellow journalism. The story, HERE, is about the “lavish” residences of some bishops. The piece starts out with an rookie … or rather unprofessional… … Read More

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4 August: Dominic and Jean

According to the traditional Roman calendar, today is the feast of St. Dominic. Happy feast to all Dominicans and Dominics.  I have his first class relic. I am pleased to have a 1st class relic of St. Dominic. Many observe … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Parish priest doesn’t guard Eucharist from profanation. What to do?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Dear Father, I serve regularly at a large shrine which attracts vast numbers of non Catholics. Several of us have to be ‘on guard’ on Sundays to ensure that (mostly Hindu) friends of Catholics or just … Read More

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