DC March for Life 2018 – DAY 2: Forward MARCH!

Today before the rally on the mall we grabbed some sandwiches at a nearby cafe and headed out.

Perfect weather.

We parked ourselves near the speakers stand, but also near to a flag from my native place.

It was great to hear Pres. Trump address the crowd.  It was a good, long speech, too.  Not just a quick greeting.


During the President’s talk, I noticed two American Bald Eagles circling, a fact that made my friends from Rome rather pleased.  After all, the appearance of eagles at a public event of this magnitude.

Alas, it was hard to get them through the branches.

A sign along the march.

The crowds for the march are always vast.  Today, however, I had the feeling that they were beyond what I had seen before.

My friend Fr. Pasley!

This was different.

So that was the march.  It was a wonderful, recharging experience.

Later I walked to Old St. Mary’s for the Mass, but I made sure to walk through the Law Enforcement Memorial.

Old St. Mary’s.  JAMMED.

I saw so many wonderful people after the Mass.  Many old friends said hello and quite a few readers.

Then… off to supper.  Friday, so no flesh.

Afterwards… which is mine?  Hint, all three contain Pappy Van Winkle.

A wonderful day.

Tomorrow, home again.

QUAERITUR: Will the government shut down affect travel?

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  1. Bea says:

    My daughter was married at Old St. Mary’s Church.
    She still lives in the area. I wonder if she was there with her husband and 6 children.
    Haven’t talked to her today. I’ll call her tomorrow.
    Watched on EWTN, since I live in the southwest and can’t make it out there.
    The weather sure helped to bring out the crowd. I don’t know why congress doesn’t get the people’s message.

  2. NancyP says:

    My TSO son is reporting to work today as usual. I think you will get home on time. Sending prayers for safe travels…

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    It is a great feeling, to get out there and do something for God, and that’s what it is and what it feels like. Wonderful experience! Thank you for going, Fr. Z., I feel tremendous appreciation for everyone there, they all represent me and the many who can’t make it. We are there in spirit and by prayer and solidarity.
    God bless our president. As far as personal characteristics, one of the things about a person I admire most, is a spirit of independent thought and action. President Trump is a leader, a real one, a highly intelligent person who considers things deeply, then makes up his mind on action, and don’t bother telling him it’s going to be unpopular or it won’t be supported by polls. Don’t waste your time. He cares about what is right, true, and good. Those babies can’t vote.
    Pretty much every day I am edified by the president and dismayed by the pope. This is a Bizarro World for sure. I look forward to the day when the Good Lord sets it right again.

  4. I was at the March, with folks from Ohio, although I am to wussy to ride the bus all night, there AND back. So, I flew. As it happens, I was at that same parish for Holy Mass that morning. A hive of activity.

  5. SKAY says:

    Great comment Kathleen10. It expresses my feelings also.

    “I look forward to the day when the Good Lord sets it right again.”
    So do I.

  6. Legisperitus says:

    Pappy is nice when you can get it, but Weller Antique is purt-near as good.

  7. WVC says:

    Fr. Z (and others) – were you irritated / annoyed / bothered by the opening “prayer” at the rally? Orthodox Metropolitan Tikhon offered something that seemed heretical/wrong on at least 4 possibly 5 points. He talked about how Justice has no part of the Christian life, how Christ did NOT redeem our lives but rather the LIFE (singular) of the world, that ALL violence, regardless of intent (and possible regardless of subject – are we all to be vegans? Are even vegetables to be et?) was a sin . . . .etc. [I admit that I tuned out and made “yak yak” hand gestures at a certain point.]

    As soon as I smoked the Metropolitan’s agenda, I told my kids to stop praying. I was a little disappointed, although not surprised, that none of the bishops or priests standing on stage with him didn’t say or do anything to indicate that they weren’t “with him” on all of his points. However, when I talked to other folks in my parish who were at the March with me, they seemed to have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

    Am I nuts? Or was this “opening prayer” way off base? I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts.

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