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Card. Burke speaks up

Anger and frustration, fear and ignorance (and being a lib), can lead people to say stupid things.   The ignorant or sub-optimally bright would suggest that Card. Burke might “lead a schism”. CWR has an interview with Raymond Card. Burke.  There … Read More

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#OafForADay – Deacon in vestments and a dog mask

I’ve seen this from different sources, including lots of email.  However Dcn. Greg Kandra has the most prominent post. An idiot deacon – listed among the Permanent Deacons of St. Rose of Lima Church in Eddystone in the Archdiocese of … Read More

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We Are Our Rites! Wherein Fr. Z rants after reading Peter Kwasniewski

At NLM, PK has a good offering.  (“Ho hum!”, you are saying, because I have to write that so often.) Starting with Nietzsche and his famous “God is dead”, he spins up a good argument about “modern” liturgy, liturgists, etc., … Read More

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Rutler writes about “men with chests”. The “impossible dream”?

Fr. Rutler has a terrific piece at the invaluable Crisis. Read the whole thing, but here is some with my usual treatment. Where Are the Churchmen With Chests? [“Chests”… a great image.  It was famously used (as Rutler mentions, below, … Read More

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