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ASK FATHER: Can modern architecture churches have “ad orientem” worship?

From a reader… Dear Father, I been trying to find and answer to a question about Ad Orientem worship facing west. Is it licit? Can churches hampered by modern architecture still worship Ad Orientem? Thanks in advance. From the earliest days, and … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Today in the traditional Roman calendar is the Feast of the Holy Family. I think in most places today where the Novus Ordo is celebrated, you are probably observing Epiphany.   It shouldn’t be Epiphany, which ought to be 6 January, … Read More

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The “Gay” (I hate that word) Priest Problem

I’ll batten the hatches for another round of hate mail and “block parties” and alert the readership of a good piece at The Catholic Thing by Fr. Jerry Pokorsky. He tackles the “gay” (I hate that word) priest problem. Confronting the Gay … Read More

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