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UPDATED – Wherein faithful canonist Ed Peters guts papolatrous dilettante Stephen Walford

We’ve seen Stephan Walford before. HERE He is, in essence, papolatrous.  He’s also pretty nasty, when it comes right down to it.  He blasts away at La Stampa against anyone who dares to have quizzical thoughts about Amoris laetitia. Canonist Ed Peters … Read More

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“The world needs proud warriors, animated by their faith” – OORAH!

There was a meeting in Chicago this week of Catholic young people.  Something called SLS18. As it happens, the actor Jim Caviezel made a surprise appearance and gave a heck of a short speech about courage. He talks about “happy … Read More

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“To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”

As convert I read with interest the stories of other converts at the Coming Home Network run by Marcus Grodi.  His is, I think, also the best of the shows at EWTN. Today a story at CHN caught my eye … Read More

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JUST TOO COOL: TLM missal in Braille

From the Catholic Herald: Extraordinary Form missal to be produced in Braille for the first time An Order of Mass for the older Latin form of the liturgy is to be produced in Braille in what is believed to be the first of … Read More

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FATHER ASKS: Planning for computer upgrade, practical pointers

As this new year comes in, I foresee the day down the line when I may have to get a new computer.  What I am using is working for now, but tech doesn’t last forever.  Moreover, I am a firm … Read More

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Is the #AmorisLaetitia agenda just the warm up for the full assault on #HumanaeVitae?

If the unrepentent sinner, unshriven and without a firm purpose of amendment, can officially be admitted to Holy Communion, it’s game over for discipline in the Church.  It’s over for authoritative teaching on faith and morals. If Christ was wrong about marriage … Read More

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One of you kind readers has helped me start the New Year on an upbeat. Here is a translation of the now widespread Internet Prayer in ARABIC LISTEN صلاة قبل الولوج الى الأنترنت . ايها الأله العظيم، الكلي القدرة،الأبدي،الذي خلقتنا … Read More

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6 Jan NASHUA, NH – Pontifical Mass with Bp. Libasci – first since 1960s – UPDATED: Minneapolis!

This is no just a Pontifical Mass where there hasn’t been a Pontifical Mass for decades.  I really like the fact that it is advertised by the diocese on their diocesan website and facebook page. That caught my eye. Not … Read More

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