PRIESTS! BISHOPS! Do what only YOU can do: exorcise and bless. ACTION ITEM!

As I wrote elsewhere:

The fact that very often when the Lord healed the sick, he also performed an exorcism, and the fact that Paul connected not discerning the Body and Blood of the Lord with physical illness and death, lead me to believe that there is in this battle against the invisible virus enemy also a spiritual battle with the demonic.

Perhaps this cursed virus is also literally a cursed virus.

Fathers, Bishops, for the love of God recite the “Long St. Michael Prayer”.  If you need a recording of the Latin, I can help with that.   I can send you an mp3 recording of

  • Chapter 3 read deliberately, pedantically, with careful pronunciation.  I omit rubrics, which you would not read aloud.
  • that same recording of Chapter 3 slowed down to 0.7 speed.

Drop me a line: HERE 

Put in the email subject line: SEND LATIN RECORDING of XI.3 [Exactly that, please.] and tell me where you are and what your assignment is.  Again, bishops and priests only.

Priests and bishops, again, use the exorcism prayer in the places that are entrusted to your charge.  And then bless the places.   Go through your churches and attendant buildings, and exorcise and bless with properly blessed Holy Water.  Go through your schools and offices and rectories.   Exorcise and bless.  Exorcise and bless.  Go around the grounds of your parish, or through all the offices of the chancery.   Go around the convents and even the parking lots.   Exorcise and bless.  Exorcise and bless.   Do what only YOU can do!  You are sacerdotes!  You act in persona Christi capitis.   Fathers, ask permission to use Title XI. Ch. 3.  The Rituale Romanum says that an Ordinarius can give permission. Your Vicar General is also an Ordinary in your diocese, not just the local ordinary bishop!

And PLEASE don’t be intimidated by the Latin.   I’ll send you my recording and practice with it.   After all, don’t warfighters practice disassembling and assembling their weapons?  Do they not drill and ready themselves?   This is war.

Funny story about exorcism and Latin.

An exorcist friend told me that one of his exorcists friends has really bad Latin.  However, as he was struggling miserably through the Latin of the exorcism rite over a person (Ch. 2), the demon began to complain that the priest’s Latin was so bad that it was causing the demon painful distress.  That, by the way, is what you want to do to demons.

So, even bad Latin works!

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  1. JustaSinner says:

    Been adding an extra prayer at end of daily Rosary for Strength in Battle for you Priests and Bishops in battle.

  2. JMody says:

    I remember reading that someone back before Vat2 even had asked Father Knox if the baptism ceremony for little Junior could be said in English instead of Latin, and the reply was “No. You see, the child doesn’t know English yet, but the devil knows Latin.” And somehow, that intersects with the immortal “Romanes eunt domus” to just be very, very satisfying.

  3. Jones says:

    It is so wonderful to see you HEAVILY pushing PRIESTS to say the long form St. Michael prayer and exorcism prayers. This is a demonic scourge and the Church has the best, THE ONLY means of effectively driving the devil out. Now maybe a continuation of the prayers need to be said by priests who pray infront of abortion mills. We all know those are demonic. There efforts would greatly benefit the DRIVING OUT of the demonic by saying the long form St. Michael prayer and exorcisms.

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