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A little perspective, please? “Imagine you were born in 1900….”

I was sent this. It helps to put what we are going through in perspective. At Fakebook a post by one Karl B. Andersen: It’s a mess out there now. Hard to discern between what’s a real threat and what … Read More

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A priest learns the Traditional Latin Mass during COVID-1984

In contrast to the pure stupid coming up in COVID-1984 time, there are bright spots. I was directed to a blog post by a priest, Fr. Joseph Faulkner of St. Wenceslaus in (I love this name) Wahoo, Nebraska.  I have … Read More

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New layers of stupid emerge during COVID-1984: violation of anonymity of penitents seeking Confession

COVID-1984 Melodrammavirus is bringing out new layers of stupid, hitherto theorized, but not yet experienced. On Fakebook I saw: Really? Now I read this at Stream: I Went to Confession. Was Asked to Give My Name for Contact Tracing. I … Read More

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28 May – HOLY MASS (TLM) St. Augustine of Canterbury – LIVE VIDEO: 1200h CDT (GMT/UTC -5)

I will LIVE stream a Traditional Latin Mass at NOON Central Daylight Time (= GMT/UTC -5 and ROME 1900h). Today: Mass forSt. Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop and Confessor. I will add prayers “Ad petendam compunctionem cordis“. Will you please tell … Read More

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