UPDATE From Fr. Christensen, warrior priest against ALS – READ and PRAY

From Fr. Dana’s blog...

Our Lady of Loretto

The very icon that Fr. Dana Ambrose took to the hospital.

I haven’t posted since my extended stay in the hospital, more on that later. What I wanted to do today is share just one snippet of how God, in subtle ways, made himself known.

I had brought an icon that I had bought in Loretto. If you don’t know the miraculous story, you can look it up.

But nevertheless, I brought an icon to the normally devoid of religious hospital. I wanted something beautiful in a place of such pain, including my own.

The night before my surgery, which would definitively take away from my voice, I was quite emotional. Then the night nurse arrived. She immediately noticed the icon, and immediately identified herself as Greek Orthodox. She took the time to show me her home icons on her cell phone. She had the respect the orthodox have for priests. She treated me dignity, especially given my emotional state. She called me father when most doctors and nurses called me by my given name. I’ve certainty been called worse, but her pious gentility was a calm in the storm of my emotions.

As they wheeled me away to surgery next morning, she gave me the gift of reminding me just who I and what I was about in that moment. She said “I will probably get in trouble for this” and then commenced to kneel down, kissed my hand, and said “bless me father, and bless my family.”

What a reminder of who I was at that moment, a priest-warrior going into battle for the sake of Our Lady, and for the sake of the salvation of my soul the souls of all men.

Brother priests, monks, bishops, fight like the consecrated men you are. Otherwise hell awaits.

Memento mori


His expenses must be incredible, with 24/7 care.

Please, as you have helped me and others, now help Fr. Christensen.

Fr. Christensen wrote some time ago:

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  2. Kerry says:

    The Fair Penelope & I visited Fr. Christensen and family on the 28th. Penelope, one of the Seven Sisters who pray for him, (there are 23 praying for him weekly) ask what intention they might pray for him. “Confidence”, he said.

    In your charity, please add prayers for his registered nurse sister Annie, and his parents. She sleeps on a couch right next to him and is always there. As you are aware, Father communicates through a computer, activated by eye movement. His room has pictures an Icons on all the walls. The smaller room behind a door is the same, and also has the Most Blessed Sacrament therein. We believe his is a Holy Priest, and urge readers here to add him to their prayers. (Fr. Christensen received Penelope into the Catholic church some six years ago.)

    This commenter asked “Might we sing for you something in Latin?” “Adore te Devote”. Though he cannot smile, his face brightened noticeably. We stood with our Missals. Finished I said, “Pange Lingua?” Brightened again.

    Time to leave. “Attende Domine” as we left. We love the Catholic Church!

  3. grateful says:

    Perhaps they could show this version of Adore Te Devote to Father Christensen.

  4. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Kerry.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Fr. Christensen’s sweetness and humanity jump off even the page of his update.
    God, please be so merciful in your love for Fr. Christensen. Please remediate whatever suffering possible and send angels to console him at all times.
    Fr. Christensen, I envy your nurse! She kissed the hand of a holy priest.
    Please Father, pray for us.

  6. Maximilian75 says:

    Is Fr. Christiansen bearing all these costs himself? I certainly hope the Diocesan healthcare hasn’t left him on his own…

  7. Antonia D says:

    Prayers for father Christensen!

    Here’s a tip from Dan Schneider (who works with Fr. Chad Ripperger on exorcisms). For of all who are sick, injured, or dying, their caregivers, or anyone really: play Gregorian chant sung by religious constantly, even at a volume so low that it can’t be heard by human beings in the room if you wish, to repel demons.

    Apparently it’s important that the chant is sung by religious, rather than by laity. Dan says he has Gregorian chant playing at a low volume on his phone constantly.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    Antonia, that’s interesting and makes sense.

    Fr. Z. I wonder if Fr. Christensen would like some friendly mail or Christmas cards? Maybe he wouldn’t, but, it’s a thought.

  9. Kerry says:

    Kathleen10, and all here. Annie Christensen emailed this reply to my query: “Yes! He would love mail…anytime of the year! ”
    With her permission, the address:

    404 Draper St.
    Millbank, SD 57252

    Viva Christo Rey!

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