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UPDATE From Fr. Christensen, warrior priest against ALS – READ and PRAY

From Fr. Dana’s blog… Our Lady of Loretto The very icon that Fr. Dana Ambrose took to the hospital. I haven’t posted since my extended stay in the hospital, more on that later. What I wanted to do today is … Read More

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The Anti-Catholic Pogrom continues” Today… in Rome itself

I was informed that Rome had more bad news for us all… I include those who are dedicated to the Novus Ordo. Remember… Novus Ordo fans!  Hurt one, all are wounded.  You are wounded by the persecution of those who … Read More

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Beautiful VIDEO from the traditional Benedictine monks of Le Barroux – the “Wine Monks”

In anticipation of a book release on 25 November, the traditional Benedictines of Le Barroux – the Wine Monks – have a splendid video. These monks revived an ancient vineyard which had once been the papal terrain of the Avignon … Read More

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ASK FATHER: If I’m aware of mortal sin, can I receive Communion if I intend to go to confession later?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: My uncle wants to become Catholic and ive been taking him to RCIA classes. The priest is a great guy but said you can receive the Eucharist if you intend to confess after mass. I know … Read More

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