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ASK FATHER: Not one word about Card. Cupich’s “The Gift of Traditionis Custodes”?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Card. Cupich, who is a trusted advisor of Pope Francis, issued a document the other day called “The Gift of Traditionis Custodes”. I take it you don’t see it as a gift, but I notice that … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 325

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UPDATE: Correspondence with the a hostile Congregation for Divine Worship reveals possible future applications of Traditionis custodes.

UPDATE 7 Nov 2021: HERE Fr. Hunwicke has excellent comments on a perhaps mendacious element of the Roche/Nichols square dance, towit, the claim that Paul VI abrogated the 1962 Missal. He didn’t.  That’s false.  He knows this. When did the Congregation for Divine … Read More

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