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UPDATE on Fr. Christensen (ALS) and Seven Sisters Apostolate – Good news!

Elsewhere I asked about your good news.  This news, however, deserves its own post. Awhile back I suggested that some of you could join the Seven Sisters Apostolate to pray for Fr. Dana Christensen, a young priest suffering with ALS … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Fr. Dana Christensen and Seven Sisters Apostolate – UPDATED

UPDATE 10 Oct 2021 This is from Fr. Christensen: Things have been harrowing. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital with what I thought would be something fairly simple, but soon I was transferred to the hospital in Sioux … Read More

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Update on Fr. Dana Christensen, warrior priest

Some of you have written to me to ask how Fr. Dana Christensen is doing. There are two ways to answer that. He is doing great and he is doing really awful. He is awful in that his horrible disease, … Read More

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Saints, Miracles & You

I have written before that if we do not ask for miracles, we will not obtain them.  You should daily beg God to give us sudden, complete, and lasting relief from the Wuhan Devil, COVID-1984 and all its accursed ramifications.  … Read More

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URGENT! Help for a priest with ALS. He needs our help NOW.

UPDATE 20 March: I want to make something perfectly clear. Fr. Christensen did NOT ASK ME to do this. He posted it on his own site. One of you readers saw it and alerted me to it. Hence, on my … Read More

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URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for a young priest diagnosed with ALS – #padresfight

I have sad news. Fr.  Dana Christensen, a priest of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, who comments here frequently, has been diagnosed to be in the initial stages of  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.   There is no … Read More

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