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ASK FATHER: If you are excommunicated do you stop being Catholic? Can you just go to confession? Do you have to be re-baptized?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Like Marines, I’ve heard that once you’re baptized a Catholic, you’re always a Catholic, no matter if you fall away from the faith, or don’t even practice Catholicism. It is something that once given, cannot be … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 321

Photo by The Great Roman™ OPPORTUNITY 10% off with code: FATHERZ10

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An idea for All Saints next year

At the traditional parish in Rome, Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini, there was a nice ceremony in honor of all the saints. This could also be done on the Feast of Holy Relics, on 1o December in the 1962 calendar.  Before … Read More

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All Souls Masses – Rubrics change when a priest says three Masses without interruption

I am getting ready to say my three Masses today. A note from a priest reader prompts to post. On two days of the year, from the calendar and law itself a priest has the privilege of saying three Masses: … Read More

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