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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    Hmm … I wonder whether WDTPRS is read by any of the common sort of folks who are more offended by kitten abuse than by liturgical abuse.

  2. Londiniensis says:

    And here I was, thinking it is still illegal to kill cats in Rome – aren’t they part of Rome’s “biocultural patrimony”? Mind you Father, if it will stop what’s going on in Los Angeles and Linz, we’ll come and visit you in prison …

  3. swissmiss says:

    Kitten abuse seems like unnecessary collateral damage. I think “Three Stooges justice” to the offending party is what’s needed — an eye poke, a conk on the noggin’, a smack upside the head…

  4. Michael E. Lawrence says:

    Hmmm….I wonder what Pope Benedict XVI, a cat-lover, would think of this.

  5. Tom Burk says:

    I wonder what Pope Benedict XVI, a cat-lover, would think of this.

    I think he would step up his efforts to end liturgical abuse immediately!

  6. SevenofNine says:


  7. Papa-Lu says:

    Uh-oh this is actually an argument in favor of liturgical abuse that I can get behind. I can’t stand cats.

  8. canon1753 says:

    I thought the kitten thing was funny, until I remembered how awful several of my Masses were this weekend. I think it was a three kitten weekend. ACK!

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