Eucharistic Procession in Rome

This afternoon in Rome there was a Eucharistic procession from the Basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva to the famed Chiesa Nuova.  It was in honor of today’s feast of Our Lady… of the Eucharist.

The procession is about to leave the church:


And off they go:


In front of the Pantheon… folks, this is something you won’t see very often, I can tell you…



The first station for Benediction was in front of Sant’Eustachio (my neighborhood):


Off to the next station at…


Sant’Agnese in agone.

Through the streets to our destination…


And arriving in church again…


His Eminence Francis Card. Stafford, Penitenziere Maggiore, gave the final Benediction.

There was a plenary indulgence conceded under the usual considtions to those who participated in the process with devotion.

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  1. vox borealis says:

    Buona sera, Father!

    I am a long time lurker but never left a comment. I know this is rather off-topic, but–I am teaching a May term course in Florence for a North American university. Today I attended a traditional rite, low mass at the Chiesa di S. Francesco Poverino; I invited any students who wanted to come as a “cultural/historical” experience. Four took me up on the offer (including three non-Catholics). I ws worried they would be bored since it was a low mass with so much silence. When we left the church, the students raved about how wonderful it was. One student, who is Jewish, said that she felt she had just witnessed something “really special.” Another student gushed about how “amazing” it was to take part in such tradition.

    If only the bishops would listen to these voices, and see how much this generation is yearning for the traditions (liturgy, processions like those you beautifully photographd today) that the generation of the 1960s/1970s abandoned.

  2. Vox: Thanks for that! This is also my experience.

  3. Jeff says:

    The Church of Sant’Eustachio…

    Notice the dear head with the cross above it located on top…?

    I would bet that many do not know that there is a miracle associated with it. It is the same image as is on the bottle of Jaegermeister.

  4. Jeff says:

    deer head… sorry

  5. Father Bartoloma says:

    Very nice! slowly but surely… And I presume no kittens were shot as a result of these sacred rites..

  6. Fr. Bartoloma: I think a few kittens were shot, but not because of ill will.

  7. Father Bartoloma says:


  8. Ryan says:

    There is a coffee bar across the street from Sant’Eustachio. Best coffee in the city, IMHO. I have a pound of beans in my fridge.

    Is there normally a plenary indulgence connected with Eucharistic processions? There is a HUGE one taking place in southern Indiana on Corpus Christi and I’m wondering if that is something we could announce.

  9. John Polhamus says:

    The Chiesa Nuova, the church of Santa Maria in Vallicella and home of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, could only have been the destination of such a precedent setting procession. Go you God-drunk Oratorians, I say, you GO fellas! Pardon my enthusiasm but I’m one myself, a fratellino secolare attached to the London fathers, and living in San Diego. Even from this distance, I can relate. Wow, what pictures. Thank you, Father Z!

  10. Ryan: This was something conceded by the Sacra Penitenzieria Apostolica. If you were to make a request for one, through your bishop, you might be able to obtain the concession.

  11. Thank you for these wonderful photos, Father. A great antipasto for my up-coming trip to Rome in the summer. I am glad to see that the Procession started in the Minerva, a church associated with the Order of Preachers. However, I did not notice any friars in the photos – were my confreres there?

  12. Br. Lew: There were OPs hovering while at the Minerva. But I think only one was actually in the procession. There were some Oratorians involved as well.

  13. Guy Power says:

    Jeff writes: The Church of Sant’Eustachio… Notice the dear head with the cross above it located on top…?

    Well, in addition to the stag and crucifix being the symbol of St. Eustace and St. Hubert … it is the crest of the de Poer (Power) of Ireland. Amongst those are the fitzEustaces (Eustace de Poer established his own branch). See the following link:

    “…The names Eustace and Hubert have been popular over the centuries in the de la Poer/Poher Power family of County Waterford. They have the the Red Deer stag’s head with a crucifix between the antlers as an heraldic crest. This now forms part of County Waterford’s coat of arms and can be seen in many places in the county, especially those associated with the Power family….”;jsessionid=EDB7E30F8A14E2A151838E78DC8619EC?lang=en


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