UN officials mock Holy See for pro-life stand

From C-FAM:

UN Official Mocks the Holy See at Abortion Conference in Philippines

NEW YORK, February 14 (C-FAM) Senior UN officials disparaged the Holy See and dismissed nations as subordinate to UN bureaucrats at a controversial conference in the Philippines. Pro-lifers picketed outside and filed a lawsuit against the conference for advocating a criminal act.

A judge declined to halt the meeting, calling it an academic discussion. According to the ruling, “[i]t was not shown by plaintiff that abortion is being practiced, tolerated, or encouraged.” Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. [Therefore…]

James Imbong, attorney for Pro-Life Philippines, disagreed. “Most of the talks are about right to abortion. How can there be right to abortion when abortion is a crime based on Philippine laws?”

One speaker criticized the Holy See for blocking an international right to abortion at the landmark 1994 Cairo conference on population. Nafis Sadik, former head of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and current special advisor to the UN Secretary-General, obliquely referenced the Holy See as the reason abortion was not accepted as a right: “I won’t name the particular country, but maybe all of you know it, that particular country with a very small population of only men.”


Yet another high-level UN advisor said sex education should be evaluated not by its success but whether it follows UN directives. [?!? Because it’s the UN which determines good and bad.]


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  1. Iacobus M says:

    The Holy See speaks for almost one fifth of the world’s population; these UN technocrats represent nobody but the wealthy donors that fund various advocacy groups. Is there any good reason to belong to the UN?
    Iacobus M

  2. mcferran says:

    Mr Sadik is wrong when he says that Vatican City has a “population of only men”. There is one religious sister with Vatican City citizenship. There are also 164 lay people with VC citizenship, of whom 109 are members of the Swiss Guards; perhaps some of the other 55 are women. In addition to these VC citizens, there are 238 non-VC citizens who reside in the Vatican; perhaps some of these are women.

  3. Bea says:

    “Yet another high-level UN advisor said sex education should be evaluated not by its success but whether it follows UN directives.”

    Hmm, that’s something new. I always thought things should be evaluated by its’ success or failure.
    I guess I’m just not with the “times” Thanks be to God.
    Has the UN completely lost its’ ability to reason?

  4. Mike says:

    May God shed His grace on our nation and her leaders, so that she may cease to host, fund, and advance the UN’s service to the powers of Hell.

    Mary Immaculate, pray for us! Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

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