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The attack on non-existent Catholic “libertarians”

Please check out this piece by Austin Ruse, head of C-FAM, over at Crisis.  HERE He looks into the truly bizzare claims from the catholic Left that anyone who doesn’t agree with them about redistribution of wealth and Pope Francis’ every … Read More

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UN officials mock Holy See for pro-life stand

From C-FAM: UN Official Mocks the Holy See at Abortion Conference in Philippines NEW YORK, February 14 (C-FAM) Senior UN officials disparaged the Holy See and dismissed nations as subordinate to UN bureaucrats at a controversial conference in the Philippines. … Read More

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C-FAM: US Castigates Holy See over “Family Planning”

The always useful C-FAM site – may they thrive – has this. Volume 14, Number 18 April 14, 2011 US Castigates Holy See over Family Planning By Lauren Funk NEW YORK, April 14 (C-FAM) The contrast between the priorities of the … Read More

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TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Pro-abortion youth document proposed to UN General Assembly

TO ARMS WDTPRSers! I received this via e-mail and present it for your opportune knowledge and consideration.   This needs action. Dear Colleague, Radical pro-abortion youth have written a document that the UN General Assembly is considering accepting. This would be … Read More

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