Refugees Refusing Aid Because It Has A Red Cross On It

Yes, there are true refugees.  I don’t think they are all refugees.  We shall see.

Meanwhile, some are rejecting aid because there is a Red Cross on the packages.

What do you think will come of this… migration?

May the Blessed Virgin, who defended Europe at Lepanto, guard and protect the traditionally Christian nations from the influence of Islam.

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  1. Cantor says:

    How odd. It might be understandable if it were a crucifix. Religion is a powerful force in places. And it might be more culturally sensitive to include the Red Crescent on the box. But descendants of the people who invented Algebra can’t handle a plus sign?

  2. Sconnius says:

    I saw on my Twitter feed earlier today (from Patrick Madrid) that there had been a riot that had broken out in an Italian town because the African refugees had to eat another Italian meal. Vehicles were vandalized and the police were called out. They were demanding food from their homeland.

    Strikes me as a bit of a disconnect.

  3. Fr_Sotelo says:

    This article presents a different version of what happened:

    Debunking Migrants Video & Red Cross

  4. Fr_Sotelo says:

    Here is the correct link to the article which says the migrants did not reject aid because of the image of the Red Cross.

  5. MrTipsNZ says:

    Fr Soltelo
    so they rejected it out of frustration at not going fast enough? Still doesn’t look very good. You think they would be thankful.

    What do you think will come of this… migration?

    War. It will start with a riot in a central European city between disgruntled unemployed youth and young Muslim men. And it will spread. And then someone from the 12oo going to the Vatican will do something explosive.

    Then war……..get ready for it.

  6. RafqasRoad says:

    Please pray for the many thousands of Maronites caught up in the Syrian horror, alongside their fellow Eastern Catholic brethren. May all Maronites find refuge away from persecution and death where they may be able to once again live unmolested. May St. Charbel and St. Rafqa guide their way and prepare their path. May Card. Bechara Rae be able to both pray for them and give assistance where he can.I was confirmed into Catholicism via the Maronite rite on 8th October 2011, fellowshipping in St. Charbel’s Maronite Church, Sydney.My heart breaks. Anybody who can take in a Syrian Christian individual or family, please consider doing so, same for our Iraqi Christian brethren.

    Our Lady of the Road, pray for us,
    St. Rafqa, pray for us,
    St. Charbel, pray for us,
    Ss. Barbara and Sergius, Patron Saints of Syria, pray for Christ’s followers from this land now dispersed across Europe.
    St. Claudius of Mesopotamia, pray for Christ’s followers from Iraq,
    St. Julian of Mesopotamia, pray for Christ’s followers from Iraq.

  7. James C says:

    Pope Francis has ordered all of us in Europe to take in the Muslim migrants. Of course we’re not supposed to try to convert them. So shall we take down all the Christian images and crosses in our church halls so they aren’t offended? Perhaps if His Holiness washes more Muslim feet at Holy Thursday Mass, they will respect us more.

    Also pray for the soul of the 70-year-old woman in Sicily who was raped and then murdered with her husband by a Muslim asylum seeker last week.

  8. jacobi says:


    Just take a good look at them. Either at Dover or the background shots elsewhere in Europe.

    Yes, the odd sorry shot caught by a good camera, but look beyond that. Fit young aggressive men – and all heading in the wrong direction.

    If I was that that age again and an enemy was threatening my land or community, I would be heading in the other direction to defend my people.

    These young Muslim men are off to fight alright, but us, Christian Europe as and when it suits them or they are told to.

    And dear old Secular Europe will just not wake up to what is staring them in the face!

  9. Peter in Canberra says:

    so would we accept aid if it had a red crescent on it?

    It is tempting to have simple explanations for all of this but is that real?

  10. Andrew D says:

    Why aren’t these muslim refugees migrating into Turkey and staying there? Turkey is just across the border from Syria, is 99 percent muslim and has a pretty good economy. What about Saudi Arabia and the gulf states like Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar or Bahrain? All of these countries are 100% muslim, have very good economies and have to import tens of thousands of menial laborers every year from Asia.

    Wake up Europe and take heed America. This is a trojan horse attempt to islamize the West and its working. Now more than ever is the time to pray the Rosary for the conversion of these people to the Church through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And in the meanwhile, God Bless the president of Hungary for calling this crisis what it is despite what the media says otherwise.

  11. PA mom says:

    Who says you cant try to evangelize them?

    I have seen articles claiming that some are in fact converting.

  12. Genna says:

    Some are converting because they believe they have a better chance of staying in Europe. What we are witnessing Europe – and it will come to the US – is hijra, emulating Mohammad’s migration and conquest. This is wht IS promised Ninety per cent of those migrating are fit, healthy young men who refuse to fight for their country and their liberty. MSM scours the thousands to find the few women and children.
    As for refusing food, there are videos of migrants at Calais tipping food away because it was past the sell-by date, but still good for three years. In Hungary men threw water bottles and food parcels on to rail tracks and stopped women and children accepting them.
    At Calais it is acknowledged that the strongest grab food and sell on to the weakest. Nice, huh?
    I hope all the welcoming parishes in Europe ensure that all the food is halal.
    Meanwhile, little has been said by the Vatican or by governments in so-called Christian countries about the horrors endured by Christians in the Middle East. The Christians thrown overboard from migrant boats because they couldn’t recite the Koran are forgotten.
    If we needed once again Our Lady’s loving mercy and strength it is now.

  13. MWindsor says:

    “This is an invasion,” Bishop László Kiss-Rigó of Szeged-Csanád. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

  14. robtbrown says:

    Peter in Canberra says:

    so would we accept aid if it had a red crescent on it?

    If I were a refugee like they are, but in a Moslem nation, of course I would accept aid.

    What’s your next question?

  15. Veritatis Splendor says:

    Also, the Koran gives permission to pretend to convert or to otherwise give false oaths to unbelievers in order to further the purposes of Islam, called kitman or taqiyya. They also forbid taking an infidel as a friend. So, nothing they say can be trusted, and if one is friends with a muslim, he is either not a good friend or not a good muslim.

  16. Nan says:

    Let all food aid include pork.

  17. comedyeye says:

    Where does prudence enter into the mix when taking in these people?

  18. The Masked Chicken says:

    Classes have started, so I have been swamped. I haven’t seen the news in several days. From the scrolled news I saw on the sidewalk, I thought these were European refugees. You mean that these are Moslem refugees? What about the Christians who need to get out of Africa?

    The Chicken

  19. SanSan says:

    I clicked on more information from AlJazzera reporting…….this has become a “political” stalemate and human beings are again the pons. Many are refugees fleeing persecution…..they need to be identified and helped now. I have no answers about the migrants looking for better opportunities……their governments must delt with.

  20. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    The Masked Chicken asks, “What about the Christians who need to get out of Africa?” There often seems an animus to anything that might look like ‘preferential treatment’ of the Christian actually being persecuted, slaughtered, etc.

    A possibly useful overview:

    A more recent example of someone publicly attending to the Christians:

  21. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Matt Cardy has captured a misspelling truer than intended:

    Free, free for all, and lots of it! You don’t have to come and get it – we insist on delivering!

  22. zama202 says:

    Maybe the Papa can alleviate the situation by taking three families into the Vatican! The removal of another crucifix and holy water font will be no trouble – and it will look so good in the newspapers and on TV.


  23. Kathleen10 says:

    This is all madness on a grand scale. It is the pinnacle of cultural suicide and if there were any doubts remaining, it confirms that there is a diabolical level of global confusion going on, and that includes our leaders in and out of the church. Now is the time to fight it. Soon that opportunity will pass.
    Jesus, help us. Our Lady of Lepanto, come to our aid!

  24. Elizabeth D says:

    my interpretation is along the lines of, Pope Francis calls Christians to go the extra mile, turn the other cheek, if someone asks for your cloak give him your tunic as well.

  25. johnmann says:

    Fr. Z, I think a correction is in order. You’re typically extremely diligent with vetting sources. This was an anonymous internet claim that a simple Google search reveals was known to be inaccurate for weeks.

  26. fionam says:

    I’m with Father Z on this one. I do believe that some of these people are refugees. However, you can be sure that what you are watching is a ‘quiet’ Islamic invasion of Europe. They are playing on people’s emotions and it’s working, as they knew it would. I hope that I am proved wrong but I think it’s time to double our prayers.

  27. Priam1184 says:

    The Catholic Church gave Europe its very life. There would never have been a ‘Europe’ without the Catholic Church. She gave life to that continent for a thousand years. Then they abandoned her in two great waves during the 16th and the 18th century, the last when they fell for the demonic lie that came out of the occult lodges that “man is born free and subject to no one.” Parenthetically Father, this is also where the American Catholic Church’s precious ‘religious liberty’ nonsense comes from as well. When they rejected the Catholic Church they rejected themselves. I hope and pray that they will convert their hearts but if they don’t then this is what they get. And more.

  28. oldconvert says:

    Maybe we are experiencing a Muslim invasion of Europe under the guise of refugees, I don’t know. Probably. But those who are citing as evidence the presence of fit, healthy young men, should look a bit at history. When in the 19th-early 20th centuries, your great nation was building, and refugees were flooding in from all over before the doors slammed shut, a large proportion of those seeking entry were precidely that, fit healthy young men and women, seeking a better life than could be found in the ossified old cultures. So much so that contemporary observers were concerned about those cultures’ loss of valuable citizens.

    After World War II when Europe itself was in ruins, again it was the young, fit and healthy who emigrated in their millions to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Africa.

    So we may be watching history repeat itself. Even the religious fanaticism has a precedent: the original British settlers in America, remember, emigrated not because they were being persecuted for their Puritanism at home, but because they weren’t allowed to impose that extreme form on their fellow-citizens. They hoped to have free reign in early America.

  29. acardnal says:

    I have noticed that the Muslim refugees are NOT stopping in the Muslim territories of the former Yugoslavia but continuing on to Germany, Austria, France and so on. Since they are predominantly Muslim, it seems to me they would want to reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania among others where there are already large population of Muslims.

  30. Dear Cantor, (Georg?)
    While al-Khwarizmi, in his Al Jabr (I’m told this means roughly “back-and-forth”) described an early algorithm (for solving quadratic equations, i.i.r.c.), he, like Euclid (who also described plenty of algebra) wrote almost entirely in words. The “plus” symbol, + , seems to have originated as an abreviation for “et”, in a later copy of Oresmes’ “Algorismus proportianum” — and seems moreover not to denote there “addition”; it seems somewhat later to have signified “surplus” in a text on bussiness accounting by Johannes Widmann… consult Here.

    Algebra is about ideas, not ink or pixels.

  31. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    The Red Cross is simply the chromatic reverse of the Swiss flag, a white cross on a red background, because that is where the association was founded. As the white cross had a Christian signification, the Red Cross has never been accepted in Muslim countries, hence the Red Crescent. I guess Muslims think it is better to worship the moon than to acknowledge Christ.

  32. templariidvm says:

    Nothing good will come of this. With Germany willing to take half a million people a year, it is only a matter of time until Europe becomes Turkey – at best.

  33. PostCatholic says:

    johnmann, that certainly would be an innovation. I’m not sure it’s happened here before.

  34. SKAY says:

    I also wonder why the wealthy Muslim countries are not opening their doors to the Muslim refugees
    Andrew D. Europe must be the desired destination.

    Thank you for the links Fr. Fitzpatrick. Both are very enlightening.
    Mark Steyn
    “According to the United Nations 49 per cent are non-Syrian. As to whether they’re refugees, well, usually, refugees flees as families. Yet here, from those UN statistics, is he breakdown of those “refugees”:

    13 per cent children
    12 per cent women
    75 per cent men

    That’s not the demographic distribution of fleeing refugees, but of an invading army.”

  35. iamlucky13 says:

    “This was an anonymous internet claim that a simple Google search reveals was known to be inaccurate for weeks.”

    The debunking article wasn’t very convincing. It does credibly claim that there is more to the video than the cross on the packages, but the notion that they were turning down the necessities of life because other people weren’t being fast enough in accommodating their search for a new life is quite simply not credible.

    “so would we accept aid if it had a red crescent on it?”

    It depends on the circumstances. If by some hideous and utterly unexpected twist of fate, my freedom or livelihood depended on fleeing to an Islamic country (nobody ever said hypotheticals had to have any relationship with reality), and they told me I could have the box of food and water with the red crescent on it if I made some form of profession of Islamic faith, then no. I hope and pray I would be willing to accept that martyrdom rather than apostasy, or that other nations would pressure them to end that injustice.

    If, on the other hand, they told me they were not ready to accept me into their country, but I could have the box with the red crescent on it to help me survive if and until they could accept me, then I’d thank God that even in religions that reject many of His truths, the consciences he gave us all still inspire charity.

  36. The saying, “beggars can’t be choosers” comes to mind here. These “refugees” are obviously not in enough dire straits that they can be selectively accepting aid with this kind of bigotry. These that refuse the charity of others really aren’t in need of help, send them back.

  37. catholictrad says:

    May God forgive me for failing to see Europe and her great cathedrals before this disaster took place. Mark Steyn pointed out the obvious, that this is Jihad, not refugees.

    Because of the death sentence for conversion, few if any will leave Islam even in the heart of dying Christendom.

    Europe is welcoming her death. Chances are very slim that they will decide to fight to survive, and even then it would be a humanitarian crisis as the invaders would have to be shipped home involuntarily to the cries of “ethinic cleansing”. No. I fear hope for Europe is dead.

  38. SanSan says:

    These stats are gripping:

    Mark Steyn
    “According to the United Nations 49 per cent are non-Syrian. As to whether they’re refugees, well, usually, refugees flees as families. Yet here, from those UN statistics, is he breakdown of those “refugees”:

    13 per cent children
    12 per cent women
    75 per cent men

    That’s not the demographic distribution of fleeing refugees, but of an invading army.”

  39. Andreas says:

    The comments above regarding the dire straits in which Europe now finds itself are anything but hyperbole. One must wonder how history will judge those who are the architects of Christian Europe’s demise.

  40. SKAY says:

    We will be seeing this in the US.


    “Elsewhere, natives have found themselves evicted for the purpose of asylum accommodation. Across Germany and Austria, students have found themselves turfed out of their term-time digs so it could be converted into migrant housing, even as they were taking their finals exams, and university gyms have been turned over. In Sweden, the elderly residents of one retirement home were shocked to find their building had been requestioned, with the inhabitants expected to pack up and get out inside of a month.”

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