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The final target of the Third Hijra: Rome and the Catholic Church

On this anniversary of 9/11 I call to mind a post about the “Islamic Cultural Center” to be build near the site of the World Trade Center, but which was really a rabat, The first rabat appeared at the time … Read More

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Aurora Alert!

But wait!  There’s more… from my email… GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A stream of solar wind hit Earth’s magnetic field on Sept. 11th, sparking one of the strongest geomagnetic storms of the year and auroras in multiple US states. This continues a … Read More

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Office Depot defends Planned Parenthood from prayers

How ’bout this? From Breitbart: OFFICE DEPOT REFUSES TO PRINT COPIES OF PRO-LIFE PRAYER Office Depot has refused to print copies of a pro-life prayer on the grounds that to do so violates company policy of printing material that “advocates … Read More

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Do not forget

During my last visit to New York City I spent several hours at the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. Here are a few images.   In the 9/11 Museum   Found in the wreckage. I have not forgotten.       … Read More