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ASK FATHER: Where should Father distribute Holy Communion?

From a reader… Is there a certain place the Priest celebrant stands to give out Communion or can he go to anywhere in Church? Yesterday he moved a lay distributor where he usually is and went to side aisle. Just … Read More

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Pope Francis: Women priests? “NO.”

Women don’t have the capacity to receive the sacrament of holy orders because they lack maleness.  That is the case for both the priesthood and the diaconate.  Not male? No ordination. During the during his flight back to Rome from … Read More

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Recent Arrivals: spiffy books

While I was on the road, five new books came in. This, from a reader, CF… God or Nothing: A Conversation on Faith by Robert Card. Sarah  UK HERE Then the Eleven Cardinals Book™ Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: “Everyone, extend your hands to bless Myrna!”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Our Pastor has started a practice that makes me deeply uncomfortable. Typically, the first weekend of the month after the announcements, anyone with a special day (birthday, anniversary, etc.) is asked to stand up to receive … Read More

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St. Mary Goretti USA Pilgrimage – NEWS

TWO developments… below. But first… You may have heard that the relics of St. Mary Goretti are on “pilgrimage”, as it were, in these USA.  HERE Pilgrimage of Mercy: the Tour of the Major Relics of St. Maria Goretti From … Read More

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On this day in 1941 “Teddy Ballgame” Williams became the last player to hit .400 in a season. He did this during a double-header against the Philadelphia Athletics on the last day of the regular season. When he reached .400 … Read More

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NEWS: In the past Popes both smiled and were nice to babies

One of you readers sent a link to a video of a clip from a 1958 movie called “Embezzled Heaven”. In it there is footage from a real audience with Ven. Pius XII. Some of it is obviously staged. It … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard during your Sunday obligation Mass?   Let us know.