Fr. Z’s Voice Mail: Catholic psychiatrist with an offer for PRIESTS; an Austin conference on angels

I’ve been a little behind in checking voice mail, but today I pulled it up.

I very much appreciate your voicemail.  I always listen to it carefully.  If you have prayer requests I note them.

One voice mail I can pass along has some good news, about a “Fullness of Truth Conference” in Austin.  And a great topic, especially in The Present Crisis.

I am late in posting about this, and I hope to hear how it went.

Another voicemail was important.

A Catholic psychiatrist left a message to say that she would – free of charge – help any Catholic priest in need of consultation.  She left this message having read about the problems that some priests face when they are essentially forced into psychiatric treatment by bishops or superiors.  I don’t want to put her name and phone on the blog, for obvious reasons.  However, if a priest wanted to contact me, I would pass it along.

Think about it.  Priests can be forced into all sorts of “treatment” if they have an assessment that is somewhat tilted in one direction.   For example, a couple days ago I was contacted by a Catholic lawyer who does a lot of work with priests who are accused of a,b or c and they need help to defend themselves.  He told me that, because insurance companies pay for a priest’s time in one of these psychiatric places, like St. Luke’s, it is in their interest a) to find something wrong with the priest and b) extend his time in the clinic for a long time.  Hence, while the priest might be told at first that he would be there for 3 months, once they get him in there, it turns into 6… or more.   Having another opinion about your condition could change the way that you are dealt with.

Wanna leave me voice mail?  You have three options:


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Since I pay a fee for the two phone numbers, USA and UK, I am glad when they get some use.

TIPS for leaving voice mail.

  1. Don’t shout.  If you shout, your voice will be distorted and I won’t be able to understand you.
  2. Don’t whisper.  C’mon.  If you have to whisper, maybe you should be calling the police, instead.
  3. Come to your point right away.  That helps.
  4. I don’t call you back.  I do listen to every message.
  5. Say from the onset if I can use your message in a post.

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  1. Luminis says:

    On the conference in Austin, the priest saying the Mass is Fr Wolfgang Seitz, he is a priest with Opus Angelorum. I attended a retreat with him in July. He is a good holy priest. Prayers for a good conference.

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