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ASK FATHER: Priest attacked me for how I made my confession.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Today, I went for confession to the capuchins like I usually do. The priests there tend to be great confessors. However, today I had quite a bad experience. I confess in kind and number and I … Read More

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How libs and their “gay” allies want you crushed into silence

Crisis has a piece which talks about how homosexualist Jesuit (tautology?) James Martin, LGBTQSJ has urged his twitter and fakebook followers to attack LifeSite and other faithful Catholic sites for something they didn’t do. This isn’t the first time Martin … Read More

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Recommended Reading as a catch up

This is a post-Rome trip catch-up and catch-all. Today I drove back to the Cupboard Under The Stairs from The City of Broad Shoulders.   Immediately I set out on a series of tasks.   Whereas, after living in Rome for many … Read More

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All Saints 2017 – 1 Nov- Holy Day of Obligation – Deliberately ignore? Grave sin!

In these United States, be sure to check your parish schedules for Masses. Thursday 1 November 2017 is a Holy Day of OBLIGATION. For our part, there will be a Missa Cantata at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff, WI, in the Extraordinary … Read More

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