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BOOKS RECEIVED: Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies – With No Apologies @SebGorka

I am happy to report that a fresh new copy of Sebastian Gorka’s new book has arrived. I look forward to delving into it. His previous book was a sobering and realistic education. Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies – … Read More

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Good News: 1939 Dominican Rite Altar Missale – REPRINTED

At NLM we have great news! Dominican Rite 1939 Altar Missal Reprinted FR. AUGUSTINE THOMPSON, O.P. A piece of happy news has come to my attention. A hard-working friar of St. Vincent Ferrer Priory in New York City has gotten … Read More

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The horrors of the lib dem agenda presaged in the horrors of the past

The horrors of the goals of liberal dems are presaged in the horrors of the past. You should read this and remind yourself of the graciousness of God and the intervention of Our Lady in the New World. HERE Feeding … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Voice Mail: Message from a Ham, follow up to Catholic Psychiatrist info

I have been able to review… rehear?… my recent voicemail.  Among the various (no doubt well-meaning) messages concerning how I ought to live, how I ought to think, and how I ought to change pretty much everything I have ever … Read More

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9 Oct – Feast of Bl. J.H. Newman: “To be deep in history” Mug

It’s the feast (in some places and for some groups) of Bl. John Henry Newman.  Who can forget his beatification by Benedict XVI? Also, Fr. Hunwicke suggests recitation of the Athanasian Creed for Oratorian families.  HERE    Oratories are springing up … Read More

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Google Staff about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’

I’m entirely convinced that this blog is badly treated by Google. From Newsbusters: Google Staff Reacts to Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ It’s hard to believe that people with political agendas are capable of building unbiased products. Google certainly … Read More

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Advice for #Synod2018 about young people and traditional liturgy

Julian Kwasniewski (any relation to…?   Nah… couldn’t be…) interviewed Archp. Sample of Portland and the transcript of the interview is parked at NLM.   The interview took place last June. Archbp. Sample talks about why young people are attracted to traditional … Read More

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ASK FATHER: I struggle with despair at the future of the Church.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I am blessed to attend a beautiful Extraordinary Form Mass each Sunday, offered by devout, orthodox priests. I go to confession regularly and make every effort to lead a good Christian life. Yet, I struggle with … Read More

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