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Fr. Z’s Voice Mail: Catholic psychiatrist with an offer for PRIESTS; an Austin conference on angels

I’ve been a little behind in checking voice mail, but today I pulled it up. I very much appreciate your voicemail.  I always listen to it carefully.  If you have prayer requests I note them. One voice mail I can … Read More

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A story about St. Luke’s: “I have seen wonderful moments of grace there; priests and Religious who limped in, who left healed.”

The other day I posted about how bishops have used “psychological evaluation” as a weapon against conservative and traditional priests. At the time I acknowledged that some priests really do need help. Along with the horror stories I have received … Read More

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A story about St. Luke’s: “you are totally in their power – you are utterly at their mercy.”

The horror stories are pouring in from priests who have been through The Psych Strike Gambit by their bishops or superiors.   Here is one, with some detail, which I have permission to post and which I have anonymized.  His … Read More

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Read and weep: Soviet style “psych” tactics used against priests by bishops.

What I am about to post, read carefully. Over the last few months I have been contacted by diocesan priests (and a religious) who were being sent by their bishops (superior) to be “evaluated” at one of these psych clinics … Read More

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