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Rome – Day 7: Mass for Benefactors and Cena di Congedo

It has been a pretty nasty day in the Eternal City.  The weather was as dreadful today as it has been beautiful over the week.   I did get out for some last needful errands and got drenched. As promised, … Read More

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More on #Synod2018 (“walking together”) document #146

Today the pithily perspicacious Fr H looks at the Synod’s (“walking together”) notion about developing ways to certify Catholic blogs to avoid “fake news”. He wrote along the lines of what I wrote HERE.    He also wrote: We seem … Read More

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Saving a heritage church in Fall River

In the near future, we will face more church closures.  Some won’t be that much of a loss.  Some, however, are part of our patrimony, lovingly built by our forebears, irreplaceable. I bring to the readerships attention the plight of … Read More

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The Wanderer: A Synod (“walking together”) of clichés

At my old stomping ground, The Wanderer, there is a good summary and analysis piece by Peggy Moen (a terrific editor!) who attended much of the Synod (“walking together”). Clichés Of The Francis Era Dominate A Press Briefing ROME — Following … Read More

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Thanks for the birthday greetings and a clarification

Many thanks to you who sent birthday greetings with notes. Several of you said that you would have Masses said for me, which is very much appreciated. Another several wrote along the lines of, “You are THAT OLD?!?” Others, reading … Read More

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