ACTION ITEM! Fr. Dana Christensen and Seven Sisters Apostolate – UPDATED

UPDATE 10 Oct 2021

This is from Fr. Christensen:

Things have been harrowing. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital with what I thought would be something fairly simple, but soon I was transferred to the hospital in Sioux Falls, there they and I, decided that the best course of action was a tracheostomy. I knew that this would happen, but not so soon. I was quite emotional, but my family, bishop, and brother priests, upheld me.

There were various complications, causing great pain, emotional and physical. I had stellar care. Doctors and especially nurses are heroes.

Two weeks later I am home. With the need for twenty four seven days a week care. Which doesn’t come cheap.

I do not have a Seven Sisters group, but I would welcome one.

I am writing this on a loaner computer, once I get mine back, I will post more on my blog. God, and Our Lady were with me in powerful ways.


Fr. Dana Ambrose

If any of you good souls out there can form a Seven Sisters Group SOON… SOON… you would be doing a great work of mercy.

If it cannot be formed SOON, then I hope that my group will shift their attention to Fr. Christensen.

Originally Published on: Oct 6, 2021

Something must be up.  Today, out of the blue, I have received two emails asking about Fr. Dana Christensen, who has ALS.

One of the notes was from someone involved in the marvelous Seven Sisters Apostolate.

Hello Father, Jxxxxx has mentioned your friend Father Christensen who has ALS..she’s asking if a Seven Sisters group could be started for him? Is he in a parish?

Could you mention him on your blog and ask for people to consider it..then to email Jxxxxx at

You ladies out there… please consider getting involved with this important apostolate.

Do you know about the Seven Sisters Apostolate? I’ve written about them several times.   HERE

In a nutshell, 7 women and perhaps a couple alternates, commit for 1 year to 1 hour of prayer for 1 priest each week.   Hence, there is a lady on Monday, one on Tuesday, etc., ideally in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

In some cases, though this is not obligatory, the priest or bishop may not even know who they are.

There are good resources at their site.

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  3. Kerry says:

    From the bulletin of Sacred Heart Church, Parkston, SD, 30Sept21:
    “Pray for Fr Dana Christensen. Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for him: A week ago, Fr Christensen was taken to Avera Sioux Falls for a tracheostomy procedure, inserting a tube into his trachea. I have not heard if he is back home yet. May Jesus Christ, the great High Priest, give Fr Christensen the graces he needs in this critical time of his life.”
    This is all known to me.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    God bless him and be with him. Fr. Dana is a victim soul.

  5. ajf1984 says:

    Regarding an update on Fr. Christensen’s status, his sister posted on FaceBook 23 hours ago that Reverend Father was being discharged from the hospital that day. Let’s keep praying for him, and thanking God for his witness!

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