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  1. rhurd says:

    The Via dei Cappellari is the “Street of the Hat Makers.” Several streets in Rome are named after the professionals who had their shops along that street. This Via dei Cappellari runs for only a few blocks from the Campo dei Fiori, roughly parallel to the much noisier Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, behind the Cancelleria and the Church of San Lorenzo in Damaso. Rome Shot 300 shows a large Madonnella of the 18th Century (according to https://www.rome-roma.net/it/la-via-dei-cappellari/. )
    The small sign to the left of the Madonnella begins with “Divieto” which means “prohibition” or prohibited, but I can’t make out what is being forbidden this time. For example “divieto di sosta” means “no parking” (Not that I ever dared to drive!)
    It was always nice to find a quieter and more “suggestivo” route from St. Peters (via the Via dei Banchi Vecchi and sometimes the Via dei Cappellari) back to our Collegio at the Piazza del Gesù.

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