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Daily Rome Shot 292

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A priest’s prayers before and after making his own confession

Firstly, animi caussa, 1st Vesper for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost from the Breviarium Romanum.  Try HERE More for the brethren. Here is something I haven’t posted for a while.  It’s from an old prayerbook for priests which I’ve had since before … Read More

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German Synod (“walking together”) wants to debate whether priests are needed in the Catholic Church

From Ed Pentin… Germany’s #SynodalWay wants to debate the question of whether priests are still needed, deciding by a narrow majority on Friday that the responsible working group should investigate the question of whether priests are needed in the Catholic … Read More

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Springtime! US diocese to eliminate 70% of its parishes

Speaking of the Diocese of Black Duck, I saw this in the fever swamp… My home diocese announced a plan to restructure the diocese and eventually eliminate 70% of the parishes. It’s a necessary move based on changing demographics and … Read More

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I just had a momentary waking dream….

I just had a flash of an American bishop calling a simultaneous meeting of all the clergy of the diocese together with a press conference… Thank you for coming.   I’m Jude Noble, Bishop of the Diocese of Black Duck. I’ve … Read More

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