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Cardinal who runs the Synod (“walking together”): “It is a grace that today Christendom is no more.”

Corriere della Sera The man who runs the Synod (“walking together”), Mario Card. Grech. “It is a grace that today Christendom is no more. Because we felt we had arrived: the Church as a” perfect society “.  And whoever is … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Blessing of guns and ammo

From a priest… QUAERITUR:  I hope you are well … TC Motu Inapproprio and all else considered. I need to bless new guns and ammo for some Catholic men. I remember something like this on your blog. Is there something … Read More

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Francis opens the Synod quoting Congar: “We must not make another Church, we must make a different Church”

Francis opening address at the Synod (“walking together”). Read carefully.  At least the Bolletino has it HERE… No… wait… Interesting approach. Let’s just sloooooow doooooown the English speaking wooooooorld. Here’s a version in English… my emphases and comments. Dear Brothers and … Read More

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Remember… the real problem is the Traditional Latin Mass!

The fruits of Vatican II The worship of dirt “Earth Altar” installed at Novus Ordo Parish in Germany H/T @NovusOrdoWatch pic.twitter.com/zEbPIayyxz — Nick Donnelly (@ProtecttheFaith) October 9, 2021 Germany.  Again. Become a CUSTOS! HERE

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What’s wrong with this picture?

Apart from the fact that Card. Turkson is in it… apart from the fact that the execrable Nancy Pelosi is in it… spot anything that’s conspiculously not there? We welcome @SpeakerPelosi from the US House of Representatives.We talked about caring … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 299

Photo by The Great Roman™

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