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Daily Rome Shot 290

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Clear words from a good priest about the cruel ‘Traditionis custodes’ and worst case scenarios

Quite a few of you have written to me about something that my good friend Fr. James Jackson, FSSP (recently moved from Colorado to Rhode Island) published in his parish’s bulletin.   I received two such emails this afternoon.  Father is … Read More

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Consider establishing an altar or chapel in your dwelling.

Over at NLM there is a post providing photos from readers of their home altars or chapels.  HERE I warmly recommend that you consider establishing something in your dwelling. The use of a cabinet is a great idea.  For example, … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 289

Photo by The Great Roman™ Because you are readers here, drop my name and get 10% off.  Use the code: FATHERZ10

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BOOK ALERT: Collected essays and reviews by the late, brilliant Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ

Last September 2020, my friend Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, died, far too young. Fr. Mankowski was everything that several highly visible Jesuits are not: Catholic, deeply faithful and amazingly intelligent.  He was a Biblical scholar who taught in Rome for … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 289

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Daily Rome Shot 288

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Reaction to the cruel suppression in Guadalajara

I recently shared the sad news about the cold suppression of the faithful in Guadalajara by Francisco Card. Robles Ortega following the cruel and unnecessary Traditionis custodes. I warmly invite you to resist this cruelty on the part of bishops … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 287

Drop my name and get 10% off.  Use the code: FATHERZ10

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ACTION ITEM! Help 13 and 11 year olds raise money for a pregnancy center. – UPDATE

UPDATE: From Xavier and Ronan. We would like to thank you and your readers again for your support for The Pregnancy Care Center. We raised $12,197 with 102 donations, and we broke the record again for most money raised! This … Read More

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Card. Sarah’s latest interview includes comments on liturgy and Latin and Tradition, Benedict XVI, the Synod, and Vatican II

Do you read French?  If not, use some online translation option and read the interview the great Robert Card. Sarah did at  HERE The interviewer kept coming back around to questions about liturgy and Latin and tradition.  The Cardinals answers … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 286

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WDTPRS – 26th Ordinary Sunday: Out of our gourds with anger at God for not conforming to our will

We explore the mystery of true mercy this 26th Ordinary Sunday. Perhaps we can pick up something helpful for dealing with the cruelty with which those of a traditional leaning are being treated by the papalatrous Modernists right now.  Perhaps … Read More

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This is the sort of person whom the House voted that it’s okay to kill up to birth

Bl. Hermann of Reichenau (1054) Born with cleft palate, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida, he was placed in a Benedictine monastery at seven. A genius in astronomy, theology, poetry, math, music, Arabic, Greek, and Latin, he composed the Salve Regina … Read More

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Just to lighten your day a little,…

Just to lighten your day a little, I saw this at Anne Barnhardt’s Saturday meme roundup.

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Francis appointed a “Special Delegate” to take complete control of the group “Memores Domini”. They take care of Benedict XVI. – UPDATED

UPDATE: And… the traditional Carmelites in Pennsylvania are being investigated with an “Apostolic Visitation”, 25-28 September.  The nuns have been served by a priest who was a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  Remember them? The sisters are … Read More

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What Fr. Z is up to.

After several decades, and not of the Rosary in this context, along with other things I had loved to do and that I was good at and I that I had shelved because of seminary and priesthood, I’m getting back … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 285

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When the Vicissitudes™ are winding you up… UPDATED

UPDATE: I wrote to the people who handle the wine sales and distribution.  They responded: For shipping questions outside of the U.S., please direct people to email: and the European Via Caritatis team will take care of them. Note that … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 284

Click for larger. Today, by the way, is his birthday, in 63 BC. For more, see HERE.

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