D. of Fréjus-Toulon – Rome crushes ordinations

The bishop of the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon, Most Rev. Dominique Rey, has been one of the most well-balanced and tradition friendly bishops of France.   Now comes this…

Rome has basically quashed priestly ordinations in Toulon.  HERE  For the sake of my schedule, here is the machine rendering.

The diaconal and priestly ordinations scheduled for the end of June in Toulon will not take place. Rome questioned about the restructuring of the seminary of Castile and its policy of acceptance, in particular members of new communities.

The blow is hard. The Vatican has asked the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon to postpone the diaconal and priestly ordinations scheduled for the end of June, announced Bishop Dominique Rey Thursday, June 2 in a press release. This decision follows a “fraternal” visit, at the request of Rome, undertaken in recent months by Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline, Archbishop of Marseille and Metropolitan of the eponymous province on which Toulon depends.

The prelate would have noted, according to our information, several points which raise questions in the formation and discernment of the candidates of the seminary of Castile, but also the reception of members of new communities and young people from dioceses outside Toulon. “Alongside the many beautiful fruits that bear the proclamation of the Gospel and the mission of committed Christians – clerics, consecrated and laity – in our diocese, the questions that certain Roman dicasteries were asking themselves about the restructuring of the seminary and the reception policy of the diocese, confirmed Bishop Rey in his press release. An interview on these subjects even recently, with Cardinal Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, made it possible to provide useful additional information. It is while waiting for new exchanges between Toulon and the departments concerned that Rome has asked to postpone these ordinations.

This decision is welcomed “with pain and confidence” by Bishop Dominique Rey and the teams of the seminary of La Castille but nevertheless remains “a test” for those who were to receive ordination, the diocese said. “We will be keen to carry them in prayer and to continue to accompany them on their journey”, underlines the bishop of Toulon.

The Fréjus-Toulon seminary had ordained 6 priests in 2021, and 8 the previous year. For several years, the number of candidates for the priesthood within the seminary of Castile has been among the highest in France. In 2019, it had 66, just behind the seminaries of Paris (100) of the Saint-Martin community (115). Among the explanations for this high figure, the strong presence of members of new communities who came to train in Toulon. Among them are the Missionaries of Divine Mercy, the Ivorian community Mother of Divine Love, the Apostles of Life and the Sweet Mother of God community. “The principle of Bishop Rey is to give a chance to any community that asks him to be welcomed”, explained to FC Father Jean-Noël Dol, rector of the seminary. In 2019, community members represented between “a third and a half” of the 75 students welcomed, including propaedeutics and deacons.

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  1. Chaswjd says:

    While this is from two years ago, I have no reason to believe that things have changed appreciably in France. It leads one to suspect that, in the eyes of the authorities, having the wrong type of priest is worse than not having any priest at all. I am also curious why the ordination of the priests and deacons for the diocese could not go ahead even if those for the religious orders could not.


  2. Ave Maria says:

    Prophecy from Ven. Fulton Sheen: “He will set up a counter-Church which will be the ape of the Church because, he the devil, is the ape of God. It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content. It will be a mystical body of the anti-Christ that will in all externals resemble the mystical body of Christ…”

    All things holy being persecuted now. Dissenters and others promoted. Lord, have mercy on Your faithful people!

  3. Chrisc says:

    It is strange that Rome can determine whether or not ordinations go forward. It would seem if there is a problem with the bishop, then remove him. If not, trust him. So much for the principle of subsidiarity in the age of mercy.

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  5. Uxixu says:

    Unfortunately the sham of post conciliar “collegiality” (exasperated in this pontificate) is merely a cudgel used by the progressives to get others to do what they want and stop them from doing what they don’t want. Kyrie eleison.

  6. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I want to give some hope to those who will not be ordained this year.

    St. John Nepomuk Neumann came in first in his class in seminary, and then the local bishop decided that there were too many priests already and refused to ordain anyone currently in his seminary. Even men who were planning to become missionaries far outside the diocese and even that country were refused.

    St. John Neumann came to the US without having been able to get in touch with any US bishops or religious communities, just knowing that the need for priests was great. He lived and worked as a layman. But eventually, he was ordained. Eventually he became a missionary, as was his dream, and traveled through great chunks of the young US. And eventually, he became a bishop of a great city.

    Trust in God. He has a place for you, and the fields are white for harvest.

  7. TonyO says:

    Unfortunately the sham of post conciliar “collegiality”

    Yes, the last 100 years of practice in democracies has demonstrated this fully, but it is in reality a tool of Modernism and marxism. The constant mantra of “dialogue” is not meant to arrive at truth, because they deny any and all truth. It is ultimately meant to waste your time and wear you down. They don’t practice collegiality when THEY have the power, and that illustrates the fact of the lies they are telling. Heads we win, tails you lose. “Synodality” is just a different word for the same thing.

    If I were the bishop and I was confident of at least SOME of my candidates, I would consider sending them to a brother bishop to be ordained, and let it go at that. If I were Rome, though, I would be shutting down seminary after seminary (as well as defrocking a bunch of bishops). Stopping the ordinations is merely a short stop-gap measure, and much harsher measures should be taken. A great many teachers in the seminaries need to be exposed as heretics.

  8. Cameron466 says:

    Since everyone seems to know but me: am I right in guessing that the religious orders here are traditional, perhaps even Latin-mass-traditional?

  9. JabbaPapa says:

    Le Figaro this morning is straightforwardly reporting that the cause of the halt in the ordinations is to try and halt traditionalism in the Diocese.

    This is terribly close to home, Frejus-Toulon is just down the road.

    [The story at Le Figaro has a paywall. It would be nice to see the text about trying to halt traditionalism.]

  10. Hilda says:

    “the reception of young people from dioceses outside Toulon”

    Where is it said in canon law that this is forbidden ?

    Anyway these youngsters are not minors and therefore have the possibility to obtain domicile or quasi-domicile where they want (c. 102). If the choose Toulon so be it and then they are not from “dioceses outside Toulon” (c. 107).

  11. James C says:

    Father, this blog has reproduced the text of the article in Le Figaro:


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