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22 June in the Novus Ordo: St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More

In the Church’s traditional calendar St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More have their  feasts on 9 July.  More was martyred on 6 July and Fisher on 22 June.  In the Novus Ordo calendar they are celebrated today, together. Pope … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Bishop bully: You have the right to kneel, but not to a kneeler.

From a reader…. QUAERITUR: We had a kneeler for those who wished to kneel and receive on the tongue. The Bishop ordered kneelers removed from the three parishes in the diocese that allowed their use. This impacts the elderly and … Read More

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ROME 22/06 – Day 21: Different kinds of pawns

We are past the Solstice.   Sunrise was at 5:33 and sunset will be at 20:52.  The Ave Maria should ring at 21:15 One of the saddest lines in all of the New Testament, but also one leading to profound mysteries, … Read More

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“The point of entry must always be ‘situatedness’.”

A priest friend alerted me to the Vatican website link promising to inform us about a spirituality of synodality (“walking together”). https://www.synod.va/en/highlights/towards-a-spirituality-for-synodality.html Of course I rushed to that page, eager to read more about a spirituality of synodality (“walking together”), … Read More

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