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“God Save The Queen”

For all of the vicissitudes of her reign, God bless Queen Elizabeth II for her Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Platinum Jubilee. My prayer. May she do God’s will in the time given to her and come to the bliss of Heaven … Read More

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D. of Fréjus-Toulon – Rome crushes ordinations

The bishop of the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon, Most Rev. Dominique Rey, has been one of the most well-balanced and tradition friendly bishops of France.   Now comes this… Rome has basically quashed priestly ordinations in Toulon.  HERE  For the sake of … Read More

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Francis talks about globalization of education, “new humanism”, attacks “guardians of tradition”, gets Aeneas wrong.

Above… Aeneas rescuing his family (not so much his wife) and household gods from the sack of Troy.  Leonello Spada Who was Vincent of Lérins?  He was a Gaul and writer who died about 445.  His work Commonitorium is a … Read More

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ROME 6/22 – DAY 1: Getting some stuff

Today – 2 June – your planet’s yellow Sun shall appear from Rome to rise at 5:35 and to set at 20:42.   These the long and languid days of a Roman summer have already arrived. If God still loved the … Read More

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