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ROME 22/6 – DAY 14: Stirring it up a little

I was not up to see it, but I am confident that the Roman sunrise was at 5:32 and that the sunset will be at 20:50.  In the Vatican City State the Ave Maria bell won’t ring at 21:15 as … Read More

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New Decree from Rome cuts the legs from under bishops and strangles new religious groups in the crib.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it once a project of Francis to decentralize some of the power from the Roman Curia out to the local Churches?   I have this nagging memory that local bishops were to have … Read More

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“Restorers”! “Against the Council”! “MAKE IT take root”! What are they really saying?

It strikes me that relative newcomer around the Holy See Press sector, listed as CNA‘s “senior Rome correspondent” – which as I get older strikes me as amusing – Hannah Brockhaus should rethink her priorities. Francis had an audience with … Read More

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