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ASK FATHER: Substituting a “sufficient” penance

From a reader… QUAERITUR: As you know we are required to do penance on Fridays of the year unless a Solemnity take precedence. On Fridays during Lent we are required to abstain from meat, however on other Fridays of the … Read More

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NCReg: In 2023 the Form of Absolution Will Change for US Catholics.

NCReg: The Prayer of Absolution Will Change for US Catholics in 2023. Here’s How […] The Catholic bishops of the United States in 2021 voted in favor of the new translation of the prayer, with 182 votes in favor, 6 … Read More

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ROME 22/6 – DAY 10: Wherein a rock evaporated a lot of my time

Sunrise…. sunset… 5:32… 20:48 Ave Maria?  21:15   I committed a crime against humanity here. I have been sketching as I go about. The results have not been good. But here… as I regarded my scratchings… I nearly wept for … Read More

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