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My View For Awhile: heading south… still

Still heading south, lingering in Florence. Here is something instructive about the famous flood of the Arno. A beautiful Mary and St. Filip Neri, my patron, near the street “dei Neri”, his family and where he grew up. See that … Read More

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30 May – St. Joan of Arc, Virgin: Martyrology, Marvelous reading, Movies

  As I am travelling, allow me on this feast of St. Joan of Arc, to repost an oldie. I think that St. Joan is a great model for young people of both sexes.  And there is nothing “woke” or … Read More

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Of Canons and Wiffle Ball

Except to point out some great organ playing, I think this will speak for itself.

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New members of the College of Cardinals

I’ve been asked quite a few times today what I thought about the new “red hat” list for the College of Cardinals. I simply laughed. The ploy and play of the list is so obvious that it is hardly to … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Must see brief VIDEO Alert! What was done to the Mass?

Part 2 of the trilogy Mass of Ages is out. I have some mixed feelings about this second part, to which I will perhaps give voice in the future. Keep in mind that I’ve been writing and commenting on these … Read More

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My View For Awhile: heading south

My breakfast to my supper, in images. (Some)


ASK FATHER: Monsignor didn’t use the exact form of absolution

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I’ve confessed to a particular priest twice, and both times, he didn’t use the exact formula of absolution.  Both times, he did the following things: 1) he omitted the line “and sent the Holy Spirit among … Read More

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Daily Rome (not) Shot – 509 – a prayer request

The first phase of the Italian Sojourn is wrapping up.  Tomorrow I head south, first to Florence for a couple of days to visit a friend, then to Rome for the Roman phase (hence the wavvy flag).  I’ll be on … Read More

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“Quam pulchri super montes pedes adnuntiantis et praedicantis” – The Lord’s Ascension and Lordly Feet

There are many images of the Lord’s Ascension to heaven through history, and rightly so.  With the Annunciation, the Ascension is perhaps the greatest of all the Feasts of the Lord and for our own humanity.  Imagine!  Our humanity, taken … Read More

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Daily Rome (not) Shot – 508 – bonus video

The trip brought the group to Genoa, where we had to make some pesto. With anchovy and breadcrumbs. Up we went to the quarries of the famous Carrara marble. The top of the peak is where the ancient Romans started, … Read More

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26 May 1991: 31st anniversary of ordination

When this date rolls around, I usually say to myself: “Well… I made it this far.” Many priests observe the anniversary of their ordination at this time of year. It is a common time for ordinations, probably because Ember Days … Read More

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WDTPRS: Mass Prayers “Pro seipso sacerdote – For the priest himself” (1962MR)

This time of year many new priests are being ordained and, consequently, many priests observe their own anniversaries. In the traditional, Vetus Ordo of the Roman Rite a priest can add orations for himself, Pro seipso sacerdote, on the anniversary … Read More

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POLL on a BURNING QUESTION REVISITED: The Plural of “Gin & Tonic” – Daily Rome (not) Shot – 507 – bonus video

Today was a terrific day, in that we – the Heartbeat International group – had a pleasure of visiting a center for women who need REAL health care to keep their babies.  The volunteers explained the workings (and funding) of … Read More

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Archd. Washington DC, can. 915, Pelosi, transparency

This is how they roll. But remember, it is important to crush the people who want the Vetus Ordo.  Not just the Vetus Ordo… the people who want it.  Meanwhile… Nancy… The Washington Examiner asked the Archdiocese of Washington for comment on … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Venial sins and the Novus Ordo

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I was raised in the Novus Ordo, and now attend the TLM as often as I can (and it is the greatest gift!). I was taught growing up that venial sins are blotted out at Mass.  … Read More

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Daily Rome (not) Shot – 505 – bonus pics

It’s coming up pretty soon. New: two Via Caritatis rosés: Vox Rosé and Lux Rosé Please remember me when shopping online. Use my affiliate link.  Thanks in advance. US HERE – UK HERE

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TC Repression in the Diocese of St. Augustine

The cruel implementation of the cruel legacy document of the Francis’ era continues in these USA, this time in Jacksonville in the Diocese of St.  Augustine. This is from the Bulletin of the Immaculate Conception. The PDF has an absurd … Read More

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Daily Rome (not) Shot – 504 – bonus pics

The Heartbeat trail continues! Today San Fruttuoso, which is reachable mainly by boat.  It’s an old monastery, alas, not any longer.  The water is amazing. We went off the track a bit to find a place that made that made … Read More

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Bishops with… wherewithal!… back up Archbp. Cordileone and can 915

UPDATE:  Since I am traveling it is hard for me to update the list of bishops who have issued supportive statements about what Archbp. Cordileone did.   Perhaps a reader or two might keep an eye and provide in the combox … Read More

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Rogation Days

Monday, tomorrow, is “Feria Secunda in Rogationibus“. Rogation Days have for centuries been on the traditional Roman calendar for 25 April (Major Rogation Day) and the three days before Ascension THURSDAY (Minor). “Rogation” comes from rogo “to ask”. For the … Read More

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