From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-03-07 – A visit from Bp. Antuninu “Dozer” Ruspa

Dozer came for a visit, stayed over. Long overdue. We went out for dinner and stayed up late.  He’s just back from a trip to Rome.  He went to Sicily too, of course.  He looks well-rested. We caught up on where all our former seminary classmates are now, poor bastards.

He came in his new Tesla. Looks incredible but it’s a tight squeeze for me. I’ll stick with my Lexus for now but I’ll probably have to get a Murano with all the smells and bells cause lot of the bishops drive those now. Gotta stay with the gang.  Fr. Tommy will like driving a Murano.   If we have to spend so much time in cars going around in the diocese they might as well be nice.

Now I owe Dozer a visit.  I need to check out his place. He remodeled the kitchen and all six bathrooms. There’d better be enough marble left for my bathroom makeover!

I put Chester in the deluxe kennel to avoid another incident.  I never want to have to take Dozer to the emergency room again. Chester’s gonna be even more out of control and will pee on everything in sight, butchya gotta do what ya gotta do. Or what Fr. Tommy’s gotta do.


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  1. Not says:

    True is stranger than fiction. We have a young Priest, Novus Ordo, who has a little dog he carries around and has Mondays off. Worse than that, his “Friend” who also has a small dog he carries around, lives in the rectory and is listed as a “minister”. We can see them walking together on Mondays. Parish Councel complained to Cardinal about it and were told, too bad, there is a shortage of Priest.

  2. The Egyptian says:

    “too bad, there is a shortage of Priests.”
    The all purpose excuse to not do anything and tell you to buzz off
    We’ve all heard it before and it is amazing how many people swallow it hook line and sinker as an excuse for Fr being “unique”

  3. redneckpride4ever says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy Chester a muzzle?

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