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Levity, Severity, the Confessional and YOU!

At First Things there is a good piece about toughness when it comes to preaching and discipline and gentleness in mercy, especially with penitents in the confessional. It is hard for priests to find that balance out en plein air … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Easter Sunday Clerical Supper

I was pleased to have had a guest priest come to town to help with our Sacred Triduum in the Extraordinary Form. His presence allowed us to have a Solemn Triduum. It also allowed me to brush off my cooking utensils. … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can the bishop forbid the cassock?

From a priest… QUAERITUR: I am trying to find an answer to the question of whether a bishop can prohibit a priest from wearing the cassock. Below is the pertinent section from the Directory for the Ministry and Life of … Read More

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New procedures to remove negligent Bishops… what could go wrong?

The Pope has issued an Apostolic Letter (heavy) Motu Proprio to establish procedures to remove bishops who don’t act adequately in regard to priests who hurt children or vulnerable people. Good.  On the face of it, that’s great. I’ve been irritated … Read More

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Happy news from Bradford

Within me two people are constantly vying for control.  First, there is the pessimist.  He says, “Things can’t possible get any worse!”.  Then, there is the optimist.  He responds, “Oh, yes they can!” Seriously, we do have good news. From … Read More

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SSPX Bp. de Galaretta: Pope Francis will unilaterally recognize the SSPX

If you read Italian, there is a fascinating piece at La Stampa by Marco Tosatti (who is not one of the traitorous Italian Vaticanisti) about SSPX Bp. Alfonso de Galarreta’s view of Pope Francis’ view of the SSPX. First, note … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Confession on a train when going through another diocese

From a reader… A priest from Diocese X and a lay person travel by train to some place.  During the trip the latter feels the need to confess sacramentally. The train at that moment is in Diocese Y, where the priest has no … Read More

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