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POLL: Covering images for Passiontide, 5th Sunday of Lent – 2023

We are now in Passiontide. From this Sunday, traditionally called 1st Sunday of the Passion, it is customary to veil images in churches. In the Gospel in traditional Form of the Roman Rite we hear: Tulérunt ergo lápides, ut iácerent … Read More

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WDTPRS – 5th Sunday of Lent: Liturgical death throes

Traditionally this upcoming Sunday is called First Passion Sunday or First Sunday of the Passion.  “Passiontide” begins. It is also known as Iudica Sunday, from the first word of the Introit of Mass (from Ps 42/41), and sometimes Repus (from … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 701

Photo by The Great Roman™ I am delighted to report that I am now an affiliate of the Chess.com shop which is run by House of Staunton. White to move. NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day … Read More


LENTCAzT 2023 – 33: 1st Passion Sunday – Passiontide begins

Daily 5 minute podcast to help you in your Lenten discipline. Roman Station: Santa Sabina TODAY: Bl. Ildefonso Schuster talks of his times… no, our times. Yes, our times. Fr. Troadec reaffirms for us our determination for Passiontide. Fr. John … Read More

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