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It’s happening, exactly as I have been saying for years.

At The Catholic Thing today there is a piece by Michael Pakaluk, “Is Vatican II ‘Spent’? My immediate answer is, yes.  It was “spent” almost as soon as it ended.  It is “time bound” and not very “evergreen”.  Bits of … Read More

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STOP what you are doing. Go to First Things. Read Archbp. Chaput’s latest about the “courtiers” of Francis.

This post’s title says it all. Go to First Things – HERE For those of you who dawdle, a couple tastes: Bernard of Clairvaux, the great 12th-century saint and Doctor of the Church who renewed the Western monastic tradition, once … Read More

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A First Things article recommended, about Pope Benedict

Be clear before reading: It is not complimentary toward Pope Francis (which might bother some) or toward Card. Kasper (which shouldn’t bother anyone). That aside, the useful piece includes background on the dispute between Card. Ratzinger and Card. Kasper with … Read More

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Great article in FIRST THINGS: Correcting Catholic Blindness. ACTION ITEM!

I must alert you to a piece at First Things by Sam Gregg: “Correcting Catholic Blindness”. Alas, it is behind a paywall.  Alas, they made some other less worthy pieces available for free. That said, we have the option of … Read More

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An article with critical observations about The Big Interview

I direct the readership’s attention to an article at First Things, by R.R.Reno concerning TBI (aka The Big Interview™). It is provocative.  We need to work through it. A few samples. […] [T]he tone is mobile, the rhetoric fluid, and … Read More

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Getting Francis Wrong

Over at First Things I saw a piece called Five Myths About Pope Francis by William Doino Jr. What are those myths? 1. “Francis is the anti-Benedict.” 2. “Francis is Not a Cultural Warrior.” 3. “Francis is a ‘Social Justice’ … Read More

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George Weigel offers a suggestion to liturgically narcissistic priests for Lent

At the site of First Things, there is a piece by George Weigel which includes a rather spiffy idea. He relates a recent experience of a priest screwing around with the texts of Mass and then continues: Bad habits built … Read More

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A Lutheran’s view on “the harm SNAP does by mounting little less than an anti-Catholic smear campaign”

On the site of First Things there is a good article about SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) by Russell E. Saltzman, mission development pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Gothenburg, Nebraska. Saltzman writes with my emphases: I no longer … Read More

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“The best catechesis on the Eucharist is the Eucharist itself, celebrated well.”

Let me give you a couple hooks. When we talk about “the Eucharist” we must keep in mind always that we are talking not only about the Blessed Sacrament, but also the celebration of the Blessed Sacrament. Also, the Church … Read More

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Some critics of the new translations: “radioactively cynical”

Over at First Things Fr. Rutler has some comments about the new translation and liturgy in general. Here are a few excerpts. We join him in medias res with my emphases and sinographs: […] Publicly owned corporations are more accountable … Read More

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The slapping down of a dissident theologian

The nice folks at First Things… do you subscribe? … have performed a fine public service – and some smile provoking entertainment – in the form of an open letter from George Weigel to none other than, wait for it, … Read More

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Weigel’s piece in First Things… then Fr. Z rants

Preface: I urge priests and bishops reading this to at the very least skip to the last part if you think you don’t have time to read the whole. _____ George Weigel has a piece in First Things which merits … Read More

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