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Fr. Michael Rodríguez – UPDATE

You might remember Fr. Michael Rodriguez in the Diocese of El Paso.  He has raised his voice several times in a strong way.  He has also been saying Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. At the blog Veneremur cernui there … Read More

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Radio interview with a priest who learned the Extraordinary Form

Go HERE to hear an interview by Larry Roach on Fidelis Radio with Fr. Michael Rodriguez of the Diocese of El Paso. You have probably heard of him. Father was involved in a huge dust up in the defense of … Read More

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A priest defends true marriage against the promoters of contrary-to-nature unions

I picked up from the excellent blog The Sensible Bond, authored by a gent in England.  The video is about a priest in El Paso.   The blogosphere is amazing. Fr. Michael Rodriguez spoke at a City Council Meeting about … Read More

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