Radio interview with a priest who learned the Extraordinary Form

Go HERE to hear an interview by Larry Roach on Fidelis Radio with Fr. Michael Rodriguez of the Diocese of El Paso. You have probably heard of him. Father was involved in a huge dust up in the defense of marriage issue.

There are technical problems in the recording, but.. hey.

Father talks about the influence of learning the Extraordinary Form on his priesthood, the crisis in the priesthood, vocations, etc.

It is interesting that lay people brought the idea of the older form of Mass to Fr. Rodriguez, who at first was not too excited about the idea because of too much work.  He eventually started to teach himself the EF.  He started to see a connection between problems in the priesthood today and having abandoned the older form of Mass.

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  1. dominic1955 says:

    Pretty much. If anyone told me they came up with the NO in order to strengthen the Catholic Church by instilling the timeless doctrines on the Mass, transubstantiation, the priesthood etc. etc., I’d seriously wonder if their mom dropped them on their head while they were a baby. No one in their right mind can read Archbishop Bugnini’s tome on the “reform” or the numerous papers by the avante garde litniks in Worship and the various other journals of the time and say, “Gee, how very Catholic! How this much orthodoxy and orthopraxis can fit in such a small space is astounding!”

  2. Mary Jane says:

    I’ve met Fr. Rodriguez! I sang at an EF Mass he celebrated, and I was introduced to him before-hand. He is a wonderful priest. I never would have guessed that he taught himself the EF.

  3. tgarcia2 says:

    Hmmm…the one that His Excellency Armando X. Ochoa (Apostolic Administrator) put in the cupboard and has a lawsuit against because of misuse of parish funds.

    Keep in mind that the only, allowed, place for the EF form in this Diocese (where I live) is at St. Anthony’s Seminary (OFM maintained) at 09:30.

    It is not as if it is avoided…but, this Diocese is so liberal with certain Priests that moving a EF mass to an actual Parish may only come when we get a new Bishop installed.

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