Theme for 2011 World Day of Social Communications

From VIS:


VATICAN CITY, 29 SEP 2010 (VIS) – Made public today was the theme chosen by the Pope for the forty-fifth World Day of Social Communications: “Truth, proclamation and authenticity of life in the digital age”. His Message for the Day will be published on 24 January 2011, feast of St. Francis of Sales, patron of journalists.

An English-language note released by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications explains that the theme is “to be understood as focusing on the human person who is at the heart of all communicative processes. Even in an age that is largely dominated, and at times conditioned, by new technologies, the value of personal witness remains essential.

To approach the truth and to take on the task of sharing it“, the note adds, “requires the ‘guarantee’ of an authenticity of life from those who work in the media, and especially from Catholic journalists; an authenticity of life that is no less required in a digital age.

“Technology, on its own, cannot establish or enhance a communicator’s credibility, nor can it serve as a source of the values which guide communication. The truth must remain the firm and unchanging point of reference of new media and the digital world, opening up new horizons of information and knowledge. Ideally, it is the pursuit of truth which constitutes the fundamental objective of all those who work in the media”.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Social Communication / authenticity of life / digital age / focusing on the human person who is at the heart of all communicative processes / an age conditioned by new technologies / To approach the truth and to take on the task of sharing it /

    I am reminded of a sentence from Veterum Sapientia which reads: “lingua Latina … etiam ad inanem loquacitatem recidendam sit non mediocriter habilis.” (The Latin language … is also very well suited for cutting out all empty gibberish). To start with “social communication” – what is that? Is that talking? Listening? Reading? Something more than that? Authenticity of life? What in the world is that? Digital age? Common. The human person? What other kind of person is there? A monkey person? An age conditioned by … phleeease. And “sharing the truth”? How do you “share the truth”. You put it on a piece of bread and share it? What a bunch of hogwash. How about an age conditioned by empty chatter? (loquacitas inanis).

  2. skellmeyer says:

    There’s a plenary indulgence associated with this day….

    “The faithful who assist at celebrations of universal religious intentions may earn a plenary indulgence…” (Grant #5)

    More information can be found in the Beauty of Grace Calendar of Indulgences available at

    Due to this grant, any “World Day of…” will have a plenary associated.

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